Watch Dogs: 16 Easter Eggs, references & in jokes you must see

Watch Dogs has been released and despite a few short comings it is still a fantastically fun game. Hacking is your weapon and pretty much anything and everything can be hacked as you explore the city of Chicago. A great perk of sandbox games is the fact that it gives developers a lot of space to fill it with Easter Eggs and references. Does Watch Dogs have any? Well yes, it has loads it seems.

In this article published by WhatCulture and written by Simon Gallagher, you can read about all the Easter Eggs, references, and jokes that have been discovered in Watch Dogs…so far. From Breaking Bad references to poking fun at the Assassin’s Creed franchise, you can read about all the funny and whacky Eater Eggs you can go check out in Watch Dogs. You can read Simon’s article HERE.

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