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We got bean GTA before GTA 6, and I’m weirdly okay with it

That surely was a Killer Bean.

I know we have waited for years for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, but what I didn’t expect was to completely be blown away by a bean shooting other beans in a bean world I need to visit soon. Let’s take a look at the Killer Bean game!

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Killer Bean makes its appearance in SGF

Killer Bean 4
Screenshot: Killer Bean Studios

While Geoff Keighley really did his best to not hype this Summer Game Fest, I wasn’t ready to see what I saw with Killer Bean, a game being developed by Killer Bean Studios.

What started as a computer animation project with “The Killer Bean: Interrogation“, Killer Bean is now not only an internet sensation created by Jeff Lew but an exciting game that took the stage in one of the biggest conferences of the year. It seems that its cult-like status will continue in an interactive way.

The Bean meme becomes a reality I need to exist in

The very moment I saw Killer Bean jump out of a convertible and use two guns to shoot at other beans with a Max Payne-like time slow down, I was completely sold on the idea of spending every single hour of the rest of my life playing and enjoying a game that seems as ridiculous as it is interesting. That moment was quickly eclipsed by Killer Bean shooting a bullet with a bullet, ricocheting to another Bean’s bum.

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Other than the overwhelming meme-worthy content, I think that Killer Bean will become a very enjoyable game that adapts several genres into a package filled with snappy comebacks and humor.

We have first-person and third-person shooting, time-bending mechanics, a spy detection ability, breakdancing kills, Bean zombies, and a giant robot to destroy. If you visit the official Steam page, the game is described as a first-person/third-person roguelike shooter, so we can expect a lot of craziness when the game drops.

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To be honest, this game could go either way given how many gameplay alternatives it presents, but I think giving the player control on how to approach a game of this nature is the ultimate sandbox experience. Also, I totally dig beans talking smack to each other and shooting each other in the face, so let’s hope that we can enjoy this new Jeff Lew entry to the iconic Bean series.

Spill the beans this summer!

Killer Bean Date
Screenshot: Killer Bean Studios

You can expect Killer Bean to drop during Summer 2024 in early access. Killer Bean Studios has promised procedurally generated missions and story, skill trees, factions, drivable vehicles, and even customizable bean enemies that will hunt you down. We will be looking forward to what Killer Bean presents in a few months and whether this game gathers a cult following that the internet series did back in the day.

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