Lego Horizon Adventures Opens The Flood Gates For Where Lego Games Can Go(1)
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LEGO Horizon Adventures opens the floodgates for where LEGO games can go

The future of gaming be filled with more yellow bricks.

LEGO Horizon Adventures being revealed to the world opens the floodgates for where the LEGO games can go. This can create limitless and unique possibilities that I, for one, am looking forward to. 

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Will LEGO Horizon Adventures be good?

We’ve seen how expansive LEGO can be with brands like Starwars. However, by collaborating with other game makers like Epic with Fortnite, experiences can be more unique. The proof is in the pudding.

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Just take a look at the world of LEGO Fortnite. The inclusion of the toy brand took Fornite to new heights, so I can safely predict that if they go beyond Fornite, we can see a whole slate of new types of games.

Walk before you can run

Before we even talk about the future of the brand, we have to see if LEGO Horizon Adventures will be hit or not. Everyone loves LEGO and everyone seems to like Horizon Forbidden West, so it seems like a no-brainer.

However, mixing two pieces of media that are very different from one another can go wrong if care isn’t applied. I see it going well because of how well both IPs have established themselves, and how iconic they’ve become — specifically Horizon. 

With that being said, things can go south, especially if LEGO and game makers get carried away. We’ve seen this before for many others in other media such as movies. On the other hand, I have complete faith in how LEGO traverses this new world of collaborations as a fan. I can easily point to Star Wars and Fornite and say that’s how it’s done.

What genres would work well as LEGO video games?

I do want to see LEGO inject itself into other games, but at the same time, they need to mesh well. We’ve seen perfection with racing and in third-person games. We assume it’ll do well since LEGO Horizon Adventures looks like a third-person adventure game.

The good thing is that LEGO can work with most genres. The question is to what degree? I’d like to see an experimental shooter like BattleBit, which some may think is made by LEGO. My only worry is that if LEGO and other games start to collaborate, those games might lose their identity because we may have all LEGO-type games. There must be a balance so that each game is still unique.

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If developers who collab with LEGO take their time and feel what players want, we might see a future where LEGO-infused games take over the landscape. I just hope we learn the lesson of the past in the future and not overdo it.

While you wait for LEGO Horzion Adventure, see if you can take Horizon Forbidden West with you.

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