SCE President and CEO Andrew House has revealed in an interview that Playstation 4 supply is constrained until the summer. We think we have some insight into the situation.

Andrew explained that they have found themselves keeping up with demand for the console, as well as for demand of the Playstation Eye camera peripheral. Issues have come up, in particular, for the US and Europe.

PS4 Console

However, we found a separate report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei that revealed that Sony is currently taking steps to lessen the number of their suppliers. The few suppliers they keep, they will work with more closely, with the purpose of speeding up production. These suppliers will be privy to their preproduction stages. We presume all Playstation devices are part of this deal, and really, how can they not be?

So, Sony has taken extra steps to ensure they won’t have supply issues in the future, but in the meantime, we may expect PS4s to stay in short supply a little longer.

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