Weird West Treasure Hunt Secret Stash

Weird West: How to complete treasure hunts and find secret stashes

"X" marks the spot.

There’s a lot of loot that you can acquire in Weird West. Naturally, you might be wondering if there are special items that can be obtained while you’re exploring. Here’s our Weird West guide to help you complete Treasure Hunts by finding the Secret Stash.

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Weird West guide – How to complete Treasure Hunts by finding the Secret Stash

Before you can look for these hidden loot, you’ll first need to check the corpses of the mobs that you’ve killed. In some instances, they might be carrying a treasure map.

Once a treasure map is in your possession, open your inventory and read it. This will start a Treasure Hunt sidequest in Weird West.

Weird West Treasure Hunt Secret Stash 1

Check the map and you should see a location with a question mark icon. The description would say that it’s for a Secret Stash. As such, you’ll want to make your way there. Upon arriving at the location, go ahead and eliminate the baddies in the area. These include wild animals such as bears, humanoid foes like bandits, and even creepy creatures (i.e., sirens or werewolves).

Next, look for the a tree or a rock with an “X” marking. Use your shovel (hopefully, you have one with you) to dig the mound. You should then find the Secret Stash for the Treasure Hunt in Weird West. These caches might have Nimp Relics for your abilities, Golden Aces of Spades for your perks, or nuggets/bars for equipment upgrades.

Note: The landmarks will still remain on the world map even during succeeding chapters. This is even though you’ve already found the Secret Stash therein.

Weird West Treasure Hunt Secret Stash 2

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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