Welkin Road Delivers Platforming And Grappling

One of my fondest memories is playing Wild 9 on the original PlayStation. If you are unfamiliar, it was a 2D platformer in which the main character was able to grab a number of objects using the “Rig”, an electrical beam of sorts. This mechanism allowed for some sweaty palms, and has a striking similarity with the upcoming Steam Early Access release of Welkin Road coming April 13th. However, this Early Access title is a cel-shaded-3D platformer that takes that type of grappling and places it on a whole other plane.

The single-player part of the game is mostly finished, and we want to use Early Access to refine it and address any remaining issues. Additionally, we believe the game would benefit from certain community-driven features, which is why constant community feedback is essential.–Official Steam page

The two main elements found in Welkin Road are its boasted emphasis on platforming and parkour. Similarities can be seen in games like Mirror’s Edge and Cloudbuilt. But, the art style in Welkin Road delivers a minimalist environment, housing a sense of openness as your life hinges on a single grapple. These hooks can be utilized to your benefit as they can be paced and timed to reach the level’s end.

Check out the trailer below for the upcoming release of Welkin Road. Check out the official Steam page for the game here.

Greg Bargas
A console gamer gone rogue. Collector of retro games, pun , and dad joke enthusiast. For the most part, you can find me stressing over platformers, shooters, puzzlers, horror, and the occasional racer. Sometimes, action RPGs squeak their way into my library. Sorry, my eyes say yes to JRPGs, but my brain, my brain says, "Nah." My Spotify playlists are out of control. Sometimes powerlifter and podcast guest. Rocket League anyone? Twitter: @enthusiast_greg

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