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Combat abilities in Crinos form

The Crinos (werewolf) form makes Cahal an absolute powerhouse. This is automatically triggered once Cahal is discovered by his enemies.


Anyway, the tables are formatted as thus: skill/perk and points required followed by the effect and, lastly, any additional comments.


Column I
Spirit of the Fray (1) Dash while in mid-air. Ignore
Power Stomp (2) Increased AoE and damage for Stomp. Ignore
Column II
Regenerative Metabolism (1) Attacking enemies after healing restores extra HP. This will save you often during your run.
Wild Strength (2) Gain extra HP; healing knocks back enemies. This is also very helpful.
Silver Purge (4) Heal the HP bar debuff applied by silver. Ignore


Column I
Roar (1) A roar that knocks down nearby enemies. Heavy Leap is the mandatory one, especially if you’re just spamming the skill. Later, you can get Dance of the Wind and use that, too.
Heavy Leap (2) The leap ability deals damage when you land.
Howl of the Wind (2) Increases the AoE of Roar.
Dance of the Wind (4) Unleash multiple rotary and unstoppable attacks.
Column II
Hunter’s Haste (1) In Agile Stance, generate more rage and fury from successful hits. Both of these are integral to your survival.
Heart of Fury (2) Generate more rage and fury if your health is low while in Agile Stance.

Note: As implied earlier, it’s the Leap skill that I consistently used throughout Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood‘s campaign. Even without a full Rage slot, Cahal can just jump at foes and break their guard easily. However, as mentioned in our official review, it can also be wonky. There were times when using the Leap attack caused the game to run in slow-mo as though there’s a special effect (even though there isn’t one). It just leaves Cahal open to attack for a few seconds (and it’s a bit annoying to see).

Wta Eb Skgd 1


Strength of Will (1) Damage received is reduced while in Heavy Stance; Crinos form gets additional health. This is the only Heavy-type perk that matters since you’ll get extra HP.
Protection of Gaia, Rush, and other skills N/A I ended up ignoring all these perks since I stayed primarily in Agile Stance while fighting.


Here’s the gist: all of the perks here are quite good due to how often you can enter Frenzy mode while in Agile Stance. Prioritize Weaver Surge and Taste for Flesh first. Then, take the other perks once the aforementioned skills I cited above have been obtained.

Wta Eb Skgd 2

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is available via the Epic Games Store.

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