What are collateral kills in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

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With a pretty decent amount of challenges, objectives, weapons, and Operators, there are many things you can do and achieve in-game. Let’s talk about what collateral kills are in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: Collateral Kills, Explained

Do you remember when you were attempting to play basketball with your not-particularly athletic friends and, in a goofy manner, you shot the ball with your back facing the hoop and, in a moment that all of you have systematically refused to stop talking about for the next 20 years, actually nailed the shot? While the result is indeed worth a Nobel prize and a contract with the NBA, you did not intend to make the shot. After all, you were kidding! Well, collateral kills are not that different! Man, that was smooth.

Whether you are attempting to finish a weekly challenge or trying to get two birds with that stone, collateral kills take place when you kill two players with one bullet. You intended to do something, but you ended up causing something else and more epic, to be honest. And if you are weapon savvy, you know that these kills are more often than not performed by .50 caliber Sniper Rifles.

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Modern Warfare 3 will have you nail a couple of these bad boys with recommended weapons. These will include Sniper Rifles, of course. If you want to do this, you will have to do some strategic fixed positioning. That is camping, of course. Look for a hot area where enemy players spawn or are accustomed to running in packs and start shooting away. Hopefully, you will get to do some damage. Collateral damage.

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It will take some tries, but if you keep holding your positions and shoot toward the cluster of enemy Operators, you will eventually collect the necessary collateral kills you need to complete your Weekly Challenges. That Armory Unlock weapons will soon be in your hands, I promise.

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