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What Destiny 2 Brave Arsenal weapons should you chase first? Best Into the Light weapons, explained

Tell me what to get.

From brand new players to day one players, everyone should chase the Brave Arsenal weapons in Destiny 2. These 12 weapons are some of the best in the game and this guide will help you narrow down which ones you should focus on if you don’t have time to get God Rolls for them all.

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Destiny 2 Brave Arsenal weapons release times

Before we dive into the best Brave Arsenal weapons in Destiny 2 (and the 12 Brave Arsenal God Rolls I’m chasing) and which ones you should focus on, you need to know and remember two dates: April 30, 2024, and June 3, 2024.

Only six Brave Arsenal weapons are available at first in Destiny 2 Into the Light. These six include The Recluse, Hung Jury SR4, Succession, Edge Transit, Elsie’s Rifle, and Falling Guillotine. Two Brave Arsenal weapons drop each Tuesday on the weekly reset and all 12 Brave Arsenal weapons are available on April 30, 2024.

You need to know and remember June 3, 2024, because that’s the last day you can earn the limited editions of the Brave Arsenal weapons. The only difference between the limited edition Brave Arsenal weapons and the normal ones is the cool paint job. You can still play Onslaught after The Final Shape releases to get the Brave Arsenal God Roll you’ve yet to get.

What are the best Destiny 2 Brave Arsenal weapons?

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Whether you’re a new Destiny 2 player, still getting your feet wet, or are comfortable with Destiny 2 but need some direction, here are the Brave Arsenal weapons I recommend chasing in Destiny 2. I’ve broken the list down into three tiers of importance and quality to help you determine which Into the Light weapons you should get first.

  • Must-haves
    • The Mountaintop – Ambitious Assassin, Recombination
    • The Recluse – Repulsor Brace, Frenzy/Destabilizing Rounds
    • Forbearance – Ambitious Assassin, Chain Reaction
    • Hammerhead – Rampage, Killing Tally
  • Good to get
    • Edge Transit – Repulsor Brace/Autoloading Holster, Destabilizing Rounds/Bait and Switch
    • Succession – Reconstruction, Recombination
    • Luna’s Howl – Heal Clip, Incandescent
    • Midnight Coup – Firefly, Rampage
    • Blast Furnace – Headseeker, Firefly/Kill Clip
  • Skippable
    • Elsie’s Rifle – Feeding Frenzy, Frenzy
    • Falling Guillotine – Vorpal Weapon, Sword Logic
    • Hung Jury SR4 – Rewind Rounds, Firefly

In my opinion, the four best Brave Arsenal weapons and the four you should prioritize are The Mountaintop, The Recluse, Forbearance, and Hammerhead. Whether you don’t have many Destiny 2 weapons yet or need to clean out your Vault, these four Into the Light weapons, and especially their God Rolls, are must-haves because of how powerful they are in the meta right now and how good their perks are.

The five weapons I think are good to get but not absolutely necessary are Blast Furnace, Edge Transit, Succession, Luna’s Howl, and Midnight Coup. I think Blast Furnace will be a great Pulse Rifle, but I’m willing to be surprised by Elsie’s Rifle. Those two could switch spots. Edge Transit is a great add-clearing Grenade Launcher, Succession is a very powerful single-target Sniper Rifle, and both Hand Cannons, Luna’s Howl and Midnight Coup, look pretty juicy.

The three Into the Light weapons I think you can skip are Falling Guillotine, Elsie’s Rifle, and Hung Jury SR4. I’m not much of a Sword guy and Swords are very situation in Destiny 2. If you don’t have a Sword and love using them, definitely go for the Falling Guillotine God Roll, but otherwise, you can skip it. Hung Jury SR4 is a Scout Rifle that we’ve seen many times in Destiny 2 and it’s not very impressive. Again, Elsie’s Rifle could be as good or better than Blast Furnace. I would try both to see which one you prefer.

Forbearance is a great weapon to chase for, but Tusk of the Boar might be a tad bit better. Regardless, the 12 Brave Arsenal weapons in Destiny 2 are exciting. I recommend chasing the must-haves and working your way through the Good to Gets after.

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