Narrated walkthrough videos seem to be getting increasingly popular as promotional tools. They’re certainly better than live-action trailers, or ‘teasers’ which say precisely nothing, but do of course run the risk of revealing too much information before a game is released. If you’re not keen to see what the Boston of 1773 looks like in Assassin’s Creed 3, look away now.

Everyone else, tuck in below, as creative director Alexander Hutchinson takes a stroll around the city streets for around six minutes. You’ll get a look at some of the new Assassin abilities added for this sequel, Connor’s skill with tools like the bow and rope-hook and a few neat little details like animals wandering around the marketplaces.

Hutchinson has also confirmed (separate to this video) that the PC version of the game will be delayed. It will, according to the man himself, be coming out “near the console launch” of 30 October and definitely before Christmas.

Update: Ubisoft is now claiming that there will be no delay to the PC version after all. Who to believe!

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