What is error code plum and how to fix it: Destiny 2

Destiny 2 error code plum

Nothing beats having a few hours to yourself, booting up your favorite game, and losing yourself in the play. When your precious game time is disrupted by something, it can be a real pain. In a world of always online, constantly updating games, many little issues can get in the way of a nice relaxing afternoon. One of the common issues cropping up for Destiny 2 players at the moment is error code plum, and it’s rather annoying to fix. It will stop you from loading into the world of Guardians and Light unless you know the workaround.

What is the error code plum in Destiny 2?

Error code plum in Destiny 2 is usually a problem with the security files on your PC. When Destiny 2 boots up, it runs through all the anti-cheat and security files that are needed to boot the game. If any of these seem like they are corrupted or tampered with, you’re not going to be able to boot up.

Security measures are in place to stop people from being able to cheat and ruin the game for the rest of us. If these files get corrupted, though, it will stop even innocent players from being able to enjoy Destiny 2. Fixing the error code plum is usually just a case of repairing the broken files.

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How to fix it

As long as you aren’t actually trying to circumnavigate the Anti-Cheat system Destiny 2 has in place, then error code plum will eventually just fix itself. With a lot of problems that crop up in Destiny 2, it is often best to wait it out and just hope for a fix. If you’re feeling impatient, though, these quick fixes can often remedy your issue.

  • Restart your PC – This can often kickstart your PC into downloading the latest BattlEye client and fixing any faulty files.
  • Switch off your VPN and Firewall – Often, a Firewall or VPN will have an effect on the way traffic moves through your network. This can cause an issue for Destiny 2 and cause the error code plum to pop up.
  • Don’t use a public network – Your PC will already have guards up if you’re trying to play Destiny 2 on a public network. A quick fix for error code plum is to switch to a private network if there is one available.
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