What is Plunder in Warzone 2.0? Explained

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Plunder has made its way back to Warzone 2.0, and if you remember the mode it left a positive impression on the community. Due to its high-octane gameplay, Plunder was a hit and many have been asking for it back. Teased back in February as part of season 3, Plunder is playable with a few subtle changes. If you’re new to the mode, and asking yourself what Plunder is in Warzone 2.0, read this guide if you want it explained.

Warzone 2.0: What is Plunder? Explained

Plunder is a mode within Warzone’s battle royale and involves squads collecting money. This can be done by looking on the ground, looting caches, selling items, or simply killing other players.

The rules are simple: you and your squad must either cash in two million dollars or get more money till the timer runs out. If both team tie, the game will go into overtime where the cash amount is now 1.5 times larger.

The catch and what players enjoy about this mode is the high-risk-high-reward playstyle. If you die holding a large sum of money, you’ll lose a large portion of it. Making you either run to the helipad to deposit the remaining amount or get more money.

Whichever team wins with the highest amount of cash wins. The reason why this mode is popular is that you can use it to level up quickly.

Plunder events

If you’re familiar with Warzone 2.0, you’ll know that there are events and missions within the actual battle royal. Just like the base game, they’re events within Plunder that make gameplay even more exciting.

Note the modes that follow are about 2 minutes long but yield higher rewards.

Blood Money: Cash is doubled for taking out other players and looting them.

Heat: Playing in Strongholds are Blacksites give out 5 times more in rewards.

Contractor: If you have any contracts and complete them, the payout is doubled.

Money Siphon: During this event, ATMs will give out unlimited amounts of cash.

Chokehold: You get a gas circle that lasts longer than normal.

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