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What is the Forte Circuit in Wuthering Waves and how to use it

Another day, another skill.

The thing about Wuthering Waves is that a lot is happening on screen which can force you to miss out on vital mechanics. A good example of that is the Forte Circuit. If you’re lost on what a Forte Circuit is in Wuthering Waves and how to use it, let us show you the way.

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Wuthering Waves: What is Forte Circuit and how to use it

The UI of Wuthering Waves is littered with numbers and other information important to your current team of Resonaters. You may understand what a lot of the icons mean, such as the Intro and Outro skills, which are easy to figure out.

However, as I was playing I started to notice the gauge above my health bar would increase. This is your Forte Gauge. As it fills up, you’re given the chance to do a powerful move called a Forte Circuit Skill. To fill it up or replenish the Forte Gauge, keep on attacking and dealing damage. The faster you do this, the more you can use those heavier attacks. 

What Is The Forte Circuit In Wuthering Waves And How To Use It
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Each character has their own Forte Gauge, so they don’t share the energy. You can tell this by each gauge being a different color. So when you’re fighting, keep in mind that while one character is ready to use their Forte Circuit, the next might not have theirs ready yet. As mentioned, you’re going to have to keep on attacking. 

Leveling the Forte Circuit

Every single aspect of the Resonators can be upgraded, it’s true for the Forte Circuit. To do so, head to whichever character you’re trying to upgrade, and navigate the sidebar till you find the Forte Menu. You should see five options, the one that impacts the Forte Gauge will be the middle one. To level up, make sure you’re using the skill and that the Resonator is at least Rank Two.

Wuthering Waves Resonater Tree
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Additionally, ensure you have resources like Inert Metallic Drip, LF Whisperin Core, Reactive Metallic Drip, and a card such as Unending Destruction. And finally, like everything else in Wuthering Waves, have the money to do so.  

Elemental resistances might be countered when using the Forte Gauge in Wuthering Waves.

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