What is the Haunted House Safe Password in Honkai Star Rail (HSR)

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Honkai Star Rail is a game that is full of new, exciting content each week for players to tackle, and this time around, we’re diving into the Luofu Myths quest chain, which will require players to solve a neat puzzle regarding a Haunted House.

Honkai Star Rail: What is the haunted house safe password?

The brand new in-game event has been all the rave in Honkai Star Rail, as the Luofu Myths quest is a part of the new Foxian Tale of the Haunted event taking place right now.

During this event, players will be given the task of solving a riddle when given the following clue.

  • M is 71839
  • N is 7193
  • V is 183
  • The safe password is T

Given this information is relatively barebones, it may be a struggle for some of you to solve this riddle, especially when you more than likely want to get it over with to proceed along the Haunted House.

The answer to the Haunted House safe password is 1328, and inserting this code will prompt the safe to open, and players will then need to proceed along with other elements of the story.

Once this safe is open, you’ll then have to defeat the Heliobus, which is hiding within the safe, and this shouldn’t be too much of a troubling battle for you seasoned Honkai Star Rail players out there.

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All in all, this isn’t going to be too complicated for players to solve, and the event itself is pretty long, and this safe is going to be one of the final steps players will have to complete to finish it.

For completing the Haunted House mission, players will earn the following:

  • X100 Trailblaze EXP
  • X20 Stellar Jade
  • X3 Adventure Log
  • X2 Condensed Aether
  • X2 Lost Gold Fragment
  • X5000 Credit

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