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What should you spend Aftershocked and Oscillated Coral on in Wuthering Waves?

Stock up on supplies and extra pulls.

When you pull for characters and weapons in Wuthering Waves, the game will give you special currencies called Aftershocked Coral and Oscillated Coral that you can spend on consolation prizes after dumping a ton of money into the gacha machine.

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While you only get a small amount of Coral for every pull you do in Wuthering Waves, it will slowly add up over time and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save up. It can be a huge time saver that helps you get materials for your characters and even more pulls on both the standard and limited banners, but only if you use it wisely. Here’s what you should be spending your Aftershocked and Oscillated Coral on in Wuthering Waves.

Best Coral Items in Wuthering Waves

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Of the two currencies, Aftershocked Coral is the rarest since you only obtain it by pulling a 4-star or higher item. Oscillated Coral, on the other hand, is rewarded for everything else. You can get the best possible items with Aftershocked Coral, but it may take some time to save up the appropriate amount.

Overall, the best thing to buy with either type of Coral in Wuthering Waves is Tides. Radiant Tides are the most important of the trio since they’re used to pull for limited characters and aren’t obtained from very many sources, but Forging Tides and Lustrous Tides are also helpful if you want to pull for weapons or standard characters.

We’d really recommend saving all of your Aftershocked Coral for Radiant Tides, however, unless you really want to save up for a Waveband to upgrade your favorite Resonator.

You should also spend your Oscillated Coral on Tides as well, but there is only a limited amount of each type available each month in the Oscillated Coral exchange. Once you’ve acquired them all, it’s best to either save the rest of your Coral for the next monthly reset or spend them on EXP materials like Resonance Potions, Energy Cores, and Sealed Tubes.

Buying upgrade materials with coral will save you a ton of time and Waveplates if you go this route, but remember that you’ll be missing out on potential pulls in the coming months. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to hold onto all of your Coral to purchase Tides at each monthly reset. You should only exchange Coral for EXP materials if you’re really in a pinch.

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