Wuthering Waves Calcharo
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Wuthering Waves Calcharo guide: Optimal combo rotation and best build

Master this Electro DPS in Wuthering Waves.

Calcharo is one of the best Electro DPS characters in all of Wuthering Waves, and since the game gives plenty of free 5-star pulls away to new accounts, plenty of new players have him on their teams.

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While he’s capable of outputting crazy amounts of damage and demolishing bosses entirely on his own, you need to know how to play Calcharo effectively in order to get the most out of him. His combo rotations seem simple on paper, but the execution is anything but. Here’s what you need to know to master Calcharo, Wuthering Waves’ best Electro DPS.

Optimal Calcharo Combo Rotation in Wuthering Waves

Calcharo’s main gimmick is Cruelty, which is accumulated by landing hits with his Resonance Skill. After getting three Cruelty stacks, his Heavy Attack is enhanced. In his Ultimate state, Cruelty is replaced by Killing Intent, and getting five stacks of that unleashes an even more powerful Heavy Attack.

Here’s the ideal combo rotation for Calcharo:

  • Intro Skill
  • Resonance Skill: Extermination Order 1
  • Resonance Liberation: Phantom Etching
  • Heavy Attack: Death Messenger
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 1
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 2
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 3
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 4
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 5
  • Heavy Attack: Death Messenger
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 1
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 2
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 3
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 4
  • Basic Attack: Hounds Roar 5
  • Heavy Attack: Death Messenger
  • Echo Attack
  • Outro Skill

Basically, send Calcharo on the field with his Intro Skill and then do one slice with his Resonance Skill before popping his Resonance Liberation Ultimate. To kick off the Resonance Liberation state, perform a boosted Death Messenger Heavy Attack. Then, perform a five-hit Basic Attack combo to get another Death Messenger ready. Repeat with another combo and Death Messenger before using your equipped Echo to attack and finally switching out with Calcharo’s Outro Skill.

Wuthering Waves Calcharo (1)
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you get comfortable enough with that basic rotation, you can try quickly switching characters before unleashing a Death Messenger Heavy Attack to raise Calcharo’s DPS even higher. For example, switching to Jianxin and then back to Calcharo will let you take advantage of Jianxin’s Transcendence passive ability, which increases Resonance Liberation damage for the character that comes after her.

Best Calcharo Weapon in Wuthering Waves

Calcharo needs a strong Broadblade to maximize his potential, and since there are some Broadblades designed for wildly different playstyles, you need to choose the right one for him. The best Broadblade for Calcharo is Jiyan’s signature Verdant Summit, which is perfect for all DPS Broadblade wielders since it buffs Heavy Attack damage, boosts CRIT DMG, and increases overall attack damage on top of that.

Wuthering Waves Lustrous Razor Broadblade
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Lustrous Razor — obtainable from the free 5-star weapon selector and permanent weapon banner — is Calcharo’s best 5-star option because of its great stats. It boosts Resonance Liberation damage every time the Resonance Skill is used, and since Calcharo can use his Resonance Skill three times per cooldown, that buff will stack up fast.

For 4-star options, Calcharo works well with Autumntrace and Helios Cleaver. Autumntrace has a CRIT Rate main stat, which is always useful, and its attack buff comes from normal Basic and Heavy attacks. Helios Cleaver grants an attack buff after using your Resonance Skill, which is great for Calcharo as well.

Best Echoes and Stats for Calcharo

The best overall main Echo for Calcharo is Flautist, found near Nostalgia Isle southwest of Jinzhou, which allows him to deal massive amounts of Electro damage while also gaining Concerto Energy in the process. You could also use Thundering Mephis in place of Flautist for similar results.

Calcharo’s best Sonata Effects are Void Thunder and Lingering Tunes, which increase his Electro damage and attack damage respectively. As far as stats go, this is the best Echo loadout for Calcharo.

  • 4 Cost Echo: CRIT DMG/ CRIT Rate
  • 3 Cost Echo (Flautist): Electro DMG
  • 3 Cost Echo: Electro DMG
  • 1 Cost Echo: ATK%
  • 1 Cost Echo: ATK%

As long as you have Flautist in your main Echo slot, the other Echoes can be whatever you want since only their stats matter. Make sure that they have good substats after Tuning, however. Ideally, these are the substats that you want to prioritize for Calcharo.

  • Energy Regen
  • CRIT Rate
  • ATK%
  • Resonance Liberation DMG

As long as you have a decent stat spread on Calcharo’s Echoes and perform his attacks in the right order, you should see success with this 5-Star Resonator. Make sure you’ve got the best Calcharo team comp, too, since his allies can make a huge difference in his damage.

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