When Is Jinhsi Coming To Wuthering Waves Release Date Leaks And Kit Explained
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When is Jinhsi coming to Wuthering Waves? Release date, leaks, and kit explained

The Magistrate of Jinzhou.

Jinhsi is a character that Wuthering Waves players know well from the main campaign, but she isn’t playable just yet. We’ll explain when Jinhsi will be coming to Wuthering Waves using some recent leaks that have teased her release date and kit.

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Wuthering Waves Jinshi leaks: Release date and kit

While we just recently received Yinlin as the recent 5-Star character you can pull, when are we getting the rumored Jinhsi? According to reliable rumors, Jinhsi will arrive with Version 1.1 of Wuthering Waves on June 28. This is also when we’ll get a new area north of Huanglong alongside some new story content.

Other than her supposed release, we also know what her kit will look like based on these leaks. Jinhsi is a 5-Star Spectro Broadblade Resonator, joining the likes of Rover and Verina with the Spectro Attribute. Now that you know a bit about her Attribute and weapon type, here’s everything we know about her kit:

AttackVibration Manifestation
Basic Attack: Perform up to four consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG.
Heavy Attack: Perform a charged attack by consuming Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
Mid-Air Attack: Perform a Plunging Attack while mid-air by consuming Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
Dodge Counter: Use Basic ATK after a successful Dodge to counterattack, dealing Spectro DMG.
Resonance SkillResonating Slashes
– Dash forward and perform consecutive strikes that inflict Spectro DMG.
Overflowing Radiance
– After Jinhsi uses Basic ATK four or, while not in Incarnation, Intro Skill Loong’s Halo, an alternative Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance becomes available within five seconds.
– Resonance Skill Overflowing Radiance inflicts Spectro DMG and sends Jinhsi into Incarnation.
– Can be cast mid-air.
Forte CircuitWorld in a Grain of Sand


– While in Incarnation:
– Alternative Basic ATK Incarnation: Basic ATK becomes available: Perform up to four consecutive strikes, dealing Spectro DMG. The basic attack cycle of this will not be reset. Can be cast mid-air.
– Alternative Resonance Skill Crescent Divinity becomes available: Deal Spectro DMG. Can be cast mid-air.
– Alternative Heavy ATK Incarnation: Heavy ATK becomes available: Attack the target mid-air at the cost of stamina, dealing Spectro DMG.
– Alternative Dodge Incarnation: Dodge becomes available while airborne: Can be cast multiple times at the cost of Stamina.
– Alternative Dodge Counter Incarnation: Dodge Counter: Deal Spectro DMG, and can be cast mid-air.
– Resonance Skill: Illuminous Epiphany
– After Stage 4 of Incarnation: Basic ATK, Incarnation terminates and Jinhsi gains Ordination Glow.
– Can be cast mid-air.
– While Ordination Glow lasts:
– Basic ATK is replaced with Alternative Heavy ATK Incarnation: Heavy ATK when airborne (attack the target mid-air at the cost of Stamina, dealing Spectro DMG).
– Resonance Skill is replaced with Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany: Send out Solar Flare that detonates at Stella Glamour that deals Spectro DMG after a short delay. When Jinshi has Incandescence, consume up to 40 Incandescence, each point grants an additional DMG multiplier percentage to the Stella Glamour.
– Can be cast mid-air.
– After casting Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, Jinhsi gains Unison.
– This can be triggered once in 25 seconds.
– While Jinhsi has Unison, switching to other characters will remove Jinhsi’s Unison to trigger Jinhsi’s OUtro Skill and the incoming character’s Intro Skill.
– Unison will be consumed in priority in place of Concerto Energy when Concerto Energy is full.
– Jinhsi can hold up to 40 Incandescence.
– When Jinhsi is on the team, all nearby characters on the team gain Eras in Unity.
– When characters with Eras in Unity deal damage with an Attribute, Jinhsi gains one Incandescence.
– Damage of the same Attribute can provide up to one Incandescence every three seconds.
Resonance LiberationEchoing Orchestra
– Unleash the power of a heart’s wish to deal Spectro DMG.
– Can be cast mid-air.
– Jinhsi’s Spectro DMG Bonus increases by 20%.
Silent Listener
– Intro Skill Loong’s Halo gains 50% additional DMG.
Intro/Outro SkillsIntro: Waveshock
– Attack the target, dealing Spectro DMG.
Outro: Instant
– With the power homologous with the Sentinel Jinhsi reduces the Cooldown of Eras in Unity to one second.
– This lasts for 20 seconds.
When Is Jinhsi Coming To Wuthering Waves Release Date Leaks And Kit Explained 1.1
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Seems like Jinhsi has a pretty complicated Forte Circuit out of all her skills, but we’ll have to see how it all plays out once players get their hands on her. Other than Jinhsi’s Skills, we also have leaks for her Resonance Chain:

Resonance ChainDescription
S1Abyssal Ascension
– When Jinhsi casts Basic Attack Incarnation: Basic ATK or Resonance Skill Crescent Divinity, gain one stack of Herald of Revival which stacks up to four times and lasts for six seconds.
– When casting Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany, Jinhsi consumes all stacks of Herald of Revival.
Each stack increases the DMG of Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany by 20%.
S2Chronofrost Repose
– Jinhsi recovers 40 Incandescence while staying out of combat for more than four seconds.
– This effect can only be triggered every four seconds.
S3Celestial Incarnate
– Gain 12 Incandescence and a stack of Immortal’s Descendancy after casting Intro Skill Loong’s Halo
– Every stack of Immortal’s Descendancy increases ATK by 25% for up to two stacks, lasting 20 seconds.
S4Benevolent Grace
– When casting Resonance Liberation Echoing Orchestra or Resonance Skill Illuminous Epiphany all nearby Characters in the team gain DMG Bonus for all attributes by 20% for 20 seconds.
S5Frostfire Illumination
– The DMG Multiplier of Resonance Liberation Echoing Orchestra increased by 120%.
S6Comes Spring when Chill Exhausts
– DMG Multiplier percentage for Resonance Skill llluminous Epiphany is increased by 45%.
– The Multiplier increase brought by Incandescence is additionally increased by 71%.

Jinhsi’s kit seems to revolve around her gaining Incandescence in numerous ways, one of them being dependent on her party members dealing damage. Damage of the same Attribute, Spectro, earns Jinhsi even more Incandescence, making her more useful when paired with another Spectro Resonator.

At least, that’s how I’m interpreting the wording here, but perhaps things will be clearer once we see her official kit. Now that you know when Jinhsi is coming to Wuthering Waves, alongside the exact release date and kit leaks, you can check out the Alloy Smelt Event until you can get your hands on Jinhsi.

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