Wuthering Waves Alloy Smelt
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Wuthering Waves Alloy Smelt Event guide: All rewards and best team comps

New event, new rewards.

The Alloy Smelt Event in Wuthering Waves allows you to engage in combat scenarios for a bevy of rewards, but what are all the rewards and best team comps? This event guide will cover how you can easily earn all the rewards using the best party compositions.

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How to unlock all rewards in Wuthering Waves Alloy Smelt event

Once you begin the quest from the event page, you’ll be guided to the entrance to the Alloy Smelt Event through a yellow portal. Here, you’ll notice that depending on when you’re checking out this event there are only certain Rifts available. The easiest way to earn all the rewards in the Alloy Smelt event is to set it to a higher Difficulty and to use trial characters.

Wuthering Waves Alloy Smelt Difficulties
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How this works is that you’ll have two minutes to defeat as many enemies as you can to rack up a ton of points. The difficulty can multiply your score depending on how difficult it is, granting you even more points per Rift.

Each Rift also has special buffs for specific Attributes, so you’ll want to build your team based on which Attributes gain the buffs. For example, the Breath Rift recommends Aero and Spectro Resonators since these types of Attributes gain a buff to automatically restore Concerto Energy.

Wuthering Waves Alloy Smelt Rewards
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Depending on the points you earn, you can earn rewards such as Astrites, EXP Materials, and Shell Credits. You need to earn at least 2,000 points each Rift to gain the first batch of rewards. But if you check the second reward tab, you’ll earn even more rewards depending on how many points you rack up in total during the event.

You’ll get many more points by choosing a difficulty higher than easy. Even if it’s a bit of a challenge, your score will have a multiplier bonus and you can even earn help from trial characters. When choosing your team, you can decide on trial characters that you don’t own who are already leveled up.

Best team comps for Alloy Smelt Event

Wuthering Waves Alloy Smelt Team Comps
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With every Rift comes a set of Attribute recommendations to make the most points. If you’re looking for the best team comps to earn all the possible rewards in the Alloy Smelt Event, you’re at the right place. We’ll update this list as more Rifts open up.

RiftBuffsTeam Comps
Breath Rift– Concerto Energy for Aero and Spectro Resonators is automatically restored.
– When Aero Resonators release Concerto Energy, a Whirlwind is summoned.
– When Spectro Resonators release Concerto Skill, AoE Spectro DMG will be dealt and the enemies will be marked within a certain range. An explosion will be triggered when the marked enemies take damage, dealing additional damage.
Jiyan, Rover (Spectro), Verina

Jiyan, Jianxin, Verina

Rover (Spectro), Jiyan, Yangyang
Freezing Rift– Concerto Energy of Glacio and Havoc Resonators is automatically restored.
– When Glacio Resonators release Concerto Skill, AoE Freezing will be caused and the enemies will be marked within a certain range. When the marked enemies take damage, deals additional Glacio DMG.
– When Havoc Resonators release Concerto Skill, explosions will be triggered six times around them, dealing Havoc DMG.
Rover (Havoc), Lingyang, Baizhi

Danjin, Rover (Havoc), Verina

Sanhua, Taoqi, Baizhi
Scorching Rift– Concerto Energy of Fusion and Electro Resonators is automatically restored.
– When Fusion Resonators release Concerto Skill, a Lava Pillar will be generated at the enemy’s location, dealing Fusion DMG.
– When Electro Resonators release Concerto Skill, three streaks of lightning will be summoned around them, dealing Electro DMG.
Yinlin, Encore, Verina

Calcharo, Mortefi, Baizhi

Encore, Calcharo, Verina
Rapido Rift– Resonators’ Concerto Energy restoration speed is increased
– After Resonators release Intro Skills, Resonance Energy will be restored to the fullest and Resonance Liberation’s DMG will be increased by 225%.
Yinlin, Calcharo, Baizhi

Jiyan, Jianxin, Chixia

Rover, Yinlin, Yangyang
Striking Rift– Resonators’ Concerto Energy restoration speed is increased.
– After Resonators release Intro Skills, Crit Rate is increased by 100% and Crit DMG is increased by 10%. The effect of Crit DMG boost can stack up to 20 times.
Rover, Calcharo, Yangyang

Jiyan, Mortefi, Verina

Yinlin, Jiyan, Baizhi
Intimidating RiftEcho Skill DMG is increased. Echo Skill CD is reduced by 100% for 8 seconds after Resonators release Resonance Liberation.Yinlin, Calcharo, Sanhua

Rover (Havoc), Yinlin, Danjin

Jiyan, Rover (Spectro), Yinlin

Alongside the Alloy Smelt event in Wuthering Waves, you can now pull for Yinlin, the new 5-Star Electro Rectifier Resonator. She even came with a character quest called Solitary Path.

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