Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 Invasion brought space invaders to the lovely island of Epic’s battle royale. These aliens now occupy regions of the maps with UFOs flying overhead. There are also alien skins like the Kymera that can be unlocked and then customized with a broad range of different looks. Looking good doesn’t come cheap though. You’ll need to track down the locations of an in-game currency called Alien Artifacts in order to turn your Fortnite character into an alien you can truly call your own.

Finding the new Alien Artifacts each week should be easy enough. These giant cannisters of pink glowing crystals stand out like sore thumbs in our bland human environments. Alien Artifacts are spread out around the map though, so a degree of searching will be necessary to find all of these each week. However, each Artifact you find will grant four points towards the spending options for Kymera. This guide will save you some time by pointing you to each location where you can find them for Week 1.


Week 1 Alien Artifacts locations for Kymera

The first Alien Artifact can be found at the Lumber Mill directly next to the Durr Burger. You’ll spot in under a small roofed structure in the southeast corner of the walled location. The next Artifact is located at the west side of Catty Corner. You’ll find it on the metal landing pad out in the open.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations Season 7 Map

The next Alien Artifact is pretty obvious. You’ll spot it in the water at the center of the crater where the Spire tower used to be. After that, you can find an Artifact at one of the smaller tower locations from the previous season. Head to the tower just east of Believer Beach (previously Sweaty Sands). The Artifact is halfway up the tower steps.

The final Alien Artifact location on the map for Week 1 of Fortnite Season 7 Primal can be found at the Apple Orchard. Look near the farm house and you’ll spot this pink glowing crystal under a random apple tree.

Fortnite Cosmic Chest Alien Artifacts Locations

Get more Alien Artifacts with Cosmic Chests

Aside from finding the crystals on the map, you can also earn extra Artifact points by unlocking Cosmic Chests with the help of your squad. These new chests are entombed within massive crystals and require teamwork to open. You can learn more about them in our Cosmic Chest guide if you want to know what to do if you come across one of these.

Check back for all kinds of Fortnite Season 7 Invasion guides including weekly follow-ups on where to find more Alien Artifacts Quest locations. You’ll need a bunch of points to unlock all of the Kymera styles.

For more info on Season 7 changes, Quests, mechanics, and more, check out our guides and features hub.

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