Where to find a Luxury Yakiniku Bento in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden Luxury Yakiniku Bento
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Food plays an important role in Like a Dragon Gaiden, as returning fans of the series might expect, with Luxury Yakiniku Bento being one of the more important dishes on the menu. Here is our guide telling you where to find a Luxury Yakiniku Bento in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Like a Dragon Gaiden – where to find a Luxury Yakiniku Bento

As you meet characters around Sotenbori and help them solve their problems, you’ll eventually run into an individual who is looking for Luxury Yakiniku Bento. There are a variety of bento dishes commonly available throughout the city, but the most luxurious version is a bit harder to locate. If you’re wondering where to find a Luxury Yakiniku Bento, check the Poppo (Sotenbori St.) location.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Luxury Yakiniku Bento Location Map
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The above map screenshot shows you precisely where to find the store. It is located on E. Sotenbori St. in the far northeast corner of the map. The establishment’s front door barely fits within the space the game allows you to explore. That’s pretty far northeast. I tended to not pay close attention to that part of the city during the early parts of the game, which did not work to my benefit. As far as I know, the one branch is the only shop where you can find the Luxury Yakiniku Bento for sale.

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Like A Dragon Gaiden Luxury Yakiniku Bento On Shop Menu
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Luxury Yakiniku Bento costs 1,000 yen. That’s more than a lot of dishes cost. You might say it lives up to its name. I like to carry around 10 at once because I’m a luxurious kind of guy. The dish works when you need to restore some health in a hurry, so it’s not a bad idea to buy some extra.

When you hand over a Luxury Yakiniku Bento, you complete The Luxury Yakiniku Bento Dream mission and receive your reward: 800 Akame Points. There is no cash reward in this instance.

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