Where To Find And Farm Fragipurple In Wuthering Waves
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Where to find and farm Fragipurple in Wuthering Waves

A shiny purple ore.

Fragipurple is one of a few ores required to craft weapons in Wuthering Waves, so where can you find and farm it? I’ll display some of the best farming routes for Fragipurple.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Fragipurple farming routes

If you’re interested in crafting your own weapons you’ll need a lot of Fragipurple. Luckily, this purple ore is abundant over Huanglong and you can easily farm it by following the routes below. Here’s where you can find and farm the most Fragipurple in Wuthering Waves.

Where To Find And Farm Fragipurple In Wuthering Waves Desorock Highland
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Desorock Highland

First, head to Desorock Highland and you’ll find around 16 ore spots for Fragipurple. Traversing the Desorock Highland requires a lot of climbing, but fortunately, it’s a pretty linear route.

Wuwa Central Plains
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Central Plains

The Central Plains contains more Fragipurple than Desorock Highland, around a whopping 44 ore spots can be mined throughout this route.

This is the most lucrative route you can take and it’s not too arduous to traverse through either. This will take you from Qichi Village down past Tiderise Cliff.

Whining Aix’s Mire

  • Where To Find And Farm Fragipurple In Wuthering Waves Whining Aixs Mire
  • Where To Find And Farm Fragipurple In Wuthering Waves Wam 2

There are two separate Fragipurple farming routes by the Whining Aix’s Mire. This is the southeastern region of Huanglong and you’ll find around 34 ore spots in total.

The first image displays the area south of the spiral which contains 21 Fragipurple ore veins. Meanwhile, the second image is the farming route just below Port Gunchao which will grant you 13 ore veins.

Now that you’ve discovered all the best farming routes for Fragipurple in Wuthering Waves, you’ll inevitably need to look for Scarletthorn ore as well.

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