Where to find and photograph the cabaret club Four Shine in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden Four Shine Cabaret Club
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In Like a Dragon Gaiden, Sotenbori is a compact neighborhood with a lot of landmarks its various residents and visitors sometimes want you to photograph. Here is our guide telling you where to find and photograph the cabaret club Four Shine in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Like a Dragon Gaiden – where to find and photograph the cabaret club Four Shine

As you meet with people throughout Sotenbori, some of them provide missions you can complete to remove exclamation marks from your Support Map. It’s worth doing since it allows you to make Akame Network progress. A number of these missions require you to take photographs of landmarks, or particular features within areas adjacent to landmarks. To find and photograph the cabaret club Four Shine, you need to search the map’s south-central area.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Four Shine Cabaret Club Location Map
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The mission asking you to take a picture of the Four Shine cabaret club comes along pretty early in the campaign. If you’re like me, you may not have explored the city enough to be familiar with the target, which isn’t labeled on your map. There seem to be an awful lot of clubs in Sotenbori, after all. I must have walked by Four Shine a dozen times before I could easily recall its location.

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Four Shine Cabaret Club is close to Akame’s Hideout. It’s just to the northwest of the building, and not quite due west from the southern end of Ashitaba Park. See the above screenshot for a map of the precise location where I stood to take my own photograph. When you point your camera in the appropriate spot, a “Take Photos” prompt should appear.

Once you’ve snapped your photo, take it to the happy Sotenbori visitor near the map’s northwest side to complete the Never Forget Four Shine mission. As a reward, you receive a very welcome 25,000 yen and 500 Akame Points. Get used to using your camera. You’ll need it for a lot of missions to follow.

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