Where to find and photograph the cafe in South Shofukucho in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like A Dragon Gaiden Cafe Closeup
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You’ll take several photos as you play through Like a Dragon Gaiden, including several of them on behalf of a woman you meet in a bar. Here is our guide telling you where to find and photograph the cafe in South Shofukucho in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Like a Dragon Gaiden – where to find and photograph the cafe in South Shofukucho

In Stijl Bar, you find a woman standing against the wall along the room’s back side. When you talk to her the first time, she offers the first of several missions wherein you must photograph certain objects around Sotenbori.

The final mission she offers asks you to photograph a cafe. You’ll find the cafe in South Shofukucho, near Akame’s Hideout.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Cafe Location Map
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The above screenshot indicates the precise location of the cafe. As you leave Akame’s Hideout and start forward, there’s an outdoor cafe directly ahead of you called Cafe Ground. This is the cafe the woman means, which explains why Kiryu offers commentary to suggest he expected a more significant challenge. After all, the client is the same woman who presented the more difficult Find the Flying Takoyaki! and Find the Terrifying Beings! missions.

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After I accepted the woman’s challenge, I spent some time wandering the Shofukucho streets. I don’t consider the area just outside the hideout part of that district, but it is. Simply walk up to the tables and pull out your camera. If you are in position, the usual ‘Take Photos‘ prompt will appear.

Take the picture and pay another visit to your client to complete the Find the Cute Cafe! mission. Your immediate reward is 20,000 yen and 700 Akame Points. There’s also a bonus exchange you might find amusing, but you should see that for yourself.

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