Where to find Deimos Staryard in Starfield

Starfield Deimos Staryard Approach In Space
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Starfield has many points of interest. When you first start playing, it can be overwhelming. All of those systems with all of those planets, many of them with research stations, settlements, and caves… It’s a lot to take in, even before you tackle the missions that connect so many of them. Lost among the stars, you might find yourself wondering where to locate a destination such as, say, Deimos Shipyard. If that’s you right now, you’re in luck, because this is our guide telling you where to find Deimos Staryard in Starfield.

Starfield – Where to find Deimos Staryard

Deimos is a corporation responsible for mining on Cydonia. Three hundred years in the future, mining is still a big deal, and Deimos is one of its major players. That becomes obvious when you tackle some optional missions and must pay a visit to Deimos Staryard. To find Deimos Staryard, which is where you’ll answer a job survey question about Whiskey Neat, look in the Mars atmosphere.

Starfield Deimos Stayard On Starmap

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Deimos Staryard is located in the Sol System. View that system, which is not far from Alpha Centauri. Hover your cursor near Mars and you’ll likely bring up its moon, Deimos. The Deimos Staryard is a separate destination. However, I have found that it’s difficult to select the staryard from the Starmap. You have to move the cursor very lightly. It tends to want to jump between Mars and Deimos, rather than settling on the Deimos Staryard. Still, it can be done (see the above screenshot). The trick seems to be to nudge the cursor gently to the left side of the Deimos waypoint.

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When you fast-travel to Deimos Staryard from the Starmap, the station will be floating directly ahead of you in space. Allocate energy to your engines and drift toward it, or use boosters if you’re in a hurry. Dock when you get near. There is no need to Hail it first. Truth be told, I almost never hail anyone. I very much prefer to show up as an uninvited guest wherever I go.

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