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Where to find Mega Sloths in Fallout 76

Sid from Ice Age really let himself go.

Yes, the wastelands of Fallout 76 are filled with things like Lesser Devils that are dead set on killing you, but there are also docile creatures like the Mega Sloth. These creatures are a little more chill like their real-life counterpart, to the point where they can be tamed. So let’s find the Mega Sloths in Fallout 76.

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Fallout 76: Where to find Mega Sloths

These creatures seem to not appear in random spots, at least that’s what I discovered. To find where Mega Sloths are in Fallout 76, we have to look in certain spots. It’s also worth stating that these creatures won’t attack unless you provoke them. The good thing is that, much like Pre-War food, you won’t need to spend a lot of time searching for the sloths because there are only two.

The Mire: Start by heading to The Mire and going to the center of the region where you’ll hit Tanagra Town. You might not find them in the town, in that case, check the Treetop POI.

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Cranberry Bog: Located in the southeastern section of the map, you’ll know you’re in the right spot when you start seeing red vegetation. There may also be Gulpers in this area as well, so consider hunting them if you can. When you make it to the bog, navigate to Superior Sunset Farm, there should be some roaming around. After, if you need to find more, Sundew Grove will have some. There’s a few Sundew Groves, so use the map below for the exact spot.

Fallout 76 Mega Sloth Location In Carnberry Bog
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How to tame a Mega Sloth

If you attack the sloths, they’ll drop ingredients to make potent food which can be important, however, taming them may be the better option. 

To tame a Mega Sloth ensure you have the charisma perk Animal Friend maxed out the rank 3. Mega Sloths have about a 50 percent chance of being tamed, and the third rank gives you a 75 percent chance to tame the sloth. When you point a gun at the sloth with the Animal Friend perk to upgrade to rank 3, you may pacify the sloth right away.  

Fallout 76 Mutated Creature1
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Next, create a C.A.M.P. in the same server you’re looking for the Mega Sloths. Lastly, you have to be the same level as the Mega Sloth. When you find one, take note of its level and then grind your way if you meet the level requirement. 

If you have time, think about looking for all the Garden Gnomes in Fallout 76. When you do, use our guide for help. 

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