Where to Find the Sniper Team’s Hideout in DMZ – Left High and Dry Mission Guide

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As part of the latest season of Warzone 2.0 DMZ, you’ll be hit with new challenges that are broken up into tiers. Some are easy and straightforward, and others are downright hard. One of the most difficult missions in season 3 for DMZ is the tier 2 mission: Left High and Dry. Mainly because you’ll be searching for a hideout for quite some time. So, where to find the sniper team’s hideout in DMZ  Left High and Dry mission guide.

Warzone DMZ: Where to Find the Sniper Team’s Hideout – Left High and Dry Mission Guide

To start looking for the hideout, head towards Ahkdar Village, which is located in the central east part of the map. There are a lot of buildings, all with places where enemies can hide — so be careful when roaming around. The best idea while entering the village is to move between the buildings, this way you’ll be harder to spot.

Ahkdar Village Map Marked

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Make your way to a group of buildings in a circular formation, which is located in the center left of the area. The building you want to go in is at the top of the group. Once there, you’ll see two doors leading to one room. After you’ve entered the building, keep going till you reach a room with sewing machines on tables.

The Building Players Are Supposed To Go Marked

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There will be a dossier on a table, pick it up. When you’re in this room there will be a lot of loot — and maybe a rare golden skull.

Once you’ve collected everything, make your way to an exfil. This can be done in a few ways, if you’re in a rush there should be one nearby. Or you can purchase a Personal Exfil. If you seek more of a challenge, you can exfil out by finding a Heavy Chopper provided that you have the fuel for it, and leave that way.

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