Where to locate the Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone 2 DMZ

Where To Locate Smuggling Tunnels Warzone Dmz

Season 02 introduced a variety of additional missions to DMZ. Among these is a Tier 2 White Lotus mission called ‘Smuggling Tunnels.’ This mission involves locating the new smuggling tunnels, placing down tactical cameras, and extracting from Al Mazrah. Here’s where to locate the smuggling tunnels in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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Where to locate the Smuggling Tunnels in Warzone DMZ

The first step to completing the Smuggling Tunnels quest is to find where the Smuggling Tunnels are in the first place. You can find the Smuggling Tunnels in a stronghold that spawns west of Al Mazrah City and north of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. Unlike most strongholds, this is a static spawn meaning that it will always appear in every lobby.

Since the entrance to the Smuggling Tunnels is located inside the stronghold, you’ll need a Stronghold Key to access them. You can acquire a Stronghold Key through a few methods, but the easiest is to buy one for $5,000 from a buy station. Stronghold Keys are also rarely dropped by killed enemies and appear as bright blue loot on the ground when dropped.

Where To Locate Smuggling Tunnels Map Warzone Dmz

The Smuggling Tunnels are found in a static stronghold that spawns west of Al Mazrah City. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’ve located and accessed the Smuggling Tunnels, the next step of this DMZ mission is to “Place tactical cameras watching 2 of the entrances in one deployment.” The tactical camera is a field upgrade that lets you watch an area without physically being there.

First, you need to place a tactical camera at the bottom of the ladder you entered with. Then search the Smuggling Tunnels for a second entry point. Once you’ve found a second entry point, place down your second tactical camera facing it. Obtaining two tactical cameras on your own can be tricky, so it’s best to do this with at least one teammate. Once the tactical cameras are placed, all you need to do is extract and you’ll complete the Smuggling Tunnels mission in DMZ.

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