Who is Cirrus’ Voice Actor in Honkai Star Rail (HSR)?

Cirrus In Honkai Star Rail
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve come across Cirrus, a boss part of the Xianzhou Luofu faction, then you may think that her voice is rather familiar. You’re not alone, as many others have tried to answer this call.

Unfortunately, not one person can agree on who the voice actor for Cirrus actually is.

There are many potential VAs for Cirrus in Honkai Star Rail

Someone finally spoke up about the matter on the Honkai Star Rail Subreddit. ZeroIQs asked whether anyone happened to know the voice actor for the boss Cirrus. Apparently, she tried looking for it to no avail.

And this question hasn’t been asked only on Reddit, either. It isn’t a wonder why everyone found her voice familiar, as almost all of the potential candidates also voice other characters in the game. Or at least that’s the current thought.

Below is a list of all the potential candidates as pointed out by the community, and the other characters they voice in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Valeria – Sucrose
  • Xanthe Huynh – Pela
  • Cassandra Lee Morris – no other HSR character.
  • Felecia Angelle – Hook
  • Melissa Fahn – Silver Wolf

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And that’s where my own research went dry – I couldn’t find any more suggestions or any concrete information. It turns out all we currently have is speculation and gut feelings.

Interestingly, Valeria’s Twitter account has the user name “The Eyeball in Honkai Star Rail,” which seems like a safe bet. But there is nothing else on her Twitter that tells us outright that she voices Cirrus, so no concrete conclusions can be made.

All we can hope is that an official outlet releases this information – and the Honkai Star Rail wiki gets updated promptly. That’s where everyone probably first checked – right?

If the answer does present itself, I’ll try to be on the lookout for it and will update this article!

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