Who is Stronger in Spiderman 2 – Peter or Miles?

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Marvel’s Spiderman 2 lets players discover a whole host of fresh new combat options for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, with updated gadgets, suits, and other technology to help you quell hoards of thugs. However, there is one issue that dominates the minds of many fans, from the most hardcore to those only just getting into the franchise. Who is the stronger character in the game – Peter Parker or Miles Morales?

Which Spiderman is the stronger Spiderman?

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Fans of the two Spidermen are in luck when it comes to playing both of the renowned web-slingers. Peter Parker and Miles Morales are the two main characters, and they are both playable in the open world and free-roam parts of the game, which make up for a large chunk of the time you’ll spend playing Spiderman 2. However, they both have unique powers and traits that make them more useful at different times. So let’s delve into those before we decide who is truly the master of the web.

Peter Parker

Peter’s powers have seen a significant boost this time around, especially with the addition of the Venom symbiote. He is actually able to be played while bonded to the Venom symbiote, which gives him a couple of enhanced powers beyond his normal extraordinary abilities. Here’s a full list:

  • Typical web-slinging abilities
  • Enhanced strength, speed, and senses
  • Web wings (for flight)
  • Venom symbiote tendrils (when bonded)
  • Unique venom web abilities (when bonded)

Miles Morales

Miles quickly became an instant fan favorite soon after his first appearance in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4. After the release of two different blockbuster movies, and starring in a couple of video games, the resilient teen has developed an enormous international fanbase. His powers are unique among Spidermen, which makes him a tough cookie for the villains to handle. Here are some of his powers:

  • Usual web-slinging powers
  • Web wings (for flying)
  • Powers of invisibility
  • Venomous attacks
  • Stealth mode to evade enemies

Which Spider-Man Wins Out?

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All in all, the two Spidermen both have different unique abilities that make them viable in certain scenarios. Using Peter’s Venom symbiote tendrils will help you take down multiple enemies at once, while Miles’ invisibility is great for sneaking past tough bosses. In the end, though, Morales takes the cake for being the stronger Spiderman in most scenarios, especially with his unique abilities that very few others in the Spider-Verse share. However, both will certainly be good choices in most situations that you’ll encounter in the game’s open world, and if you’re a Peter Parker fan then don’t worry about being at a disadvantage. Good luck, and swing on!

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