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Who is the protagonist of Wuthering Waves? Answered

Who will you be riding the waves with?

In the lead-up to Wuthering Waves, two protagonists have been shown, but little information has been given about them. Here’s everything we know about the Rovers you need to know before jumping into the game.

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The protagonist of Wuthering Waves that you’ll be playing as known as the Rover, although you’ll be able to give them any name you wish.

Which Rover should you pick?

The Rovers are two characters – a male Rover and female Rover – that you’ll be deciding between when starting the game. Both of these characters are virtually the same, although they are both fully voice acted with (naturally) differing voice actors and styles.

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This is the equivalent of choosing a gender for your character, as the plot will be the same. Due to this, I’ll simply be regarding the protagonist as “Rover” and avoid all gendered terms as it really doesn’t matter which you pick.

Although they’re often seen together and are treated as two separate characters, only one will exist in your world – the one that you pick to play as.

Who are the Rovers in Wuthering Waves?

At the game’s beginning, the Rover knows as much as we do. They’ve been awakened on an unknown island with an unknown past, and their only goal is to uncover the secrets of this island and find out the truth. So essentially, the Rovers start as a blank slate.

Facing troubles with “poise and a clear mind,” the Rover represents perfect level-mindedness in their pursuit of truth. This allows for anyone and everyone to get behind the helm of a Rover and do as they wish (for the most part).

We will be learning about the world and the Rover’s past alongside the Rover; so until we know better by playing the game, all we can do is speculate, theorize, and even role-play. And that’s assuming we’ll get to know more about the Rover. As far as we’re concerned, the backstory to the Rover may never be explained.

Even on the Wuthering Waves website, the mystery surrounding the Rovers is tangible. They’re the only characters to be in the “unknown” faction in the character list, setting them aside as truly a neutral and mysterious force in the world.

They may be left as enigmatic unknowns that came right in time, or they may be integral to the history and future of the mysterious island. Being the only multi-attribute resonator, the Rover is certainly a little different from all the rest, making their past and origins so much more intriguing, so something tells me their past won’t remain in mystery for too long.

Now that you’re up-to-date with everything we know about the Rover, all we can do to find out more is by playing the game. Although, despite their mysterious origins, they will never be alone.

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