Why are parts of my base getting deleted in Palworld?

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Have you noticed whenever you build just outside your base in Palworld, the thing you build seemingly disappears? This happened to me several times, and I was a little confused to the point where I hesitated to build anything. However, I scoured through the many Reddit posts to find out why parts of my base are getting deleted in Palworld. If you’re curious and want to stop that from happening, follow along.

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Palworld: Why is my base getting deleted?

The first thing you should check is where you’re building things for your base. If it’s outside that blue circle which indicates your base’s territory, that is your problem. Everything outside of the blue circle gets damaged over time and goes away. Plus you don’t get any of the resources you put into it back. So it can set you back if you keep on attempting to build outside the circle. 

I built a mini cabin for my friends and me, and a huge section of the cabin was gone all because it was on the outside of a blue circle. So even if something you built is connected to something within the circle, you can say bye-bye to it because it won’t be there anymore after a few in-game days. 

Why are parts of my base getting deleted in Palworld?
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to keep things from getting deleted?

An easy answer would be to just build within your base. But like me, you may run out of space quickly. If that happens to you, just start building upwards. That seems to count for you building inside the circle. But be careful when going skyward. From experience, the game does act up when you get to certain heights — so keep that in mind. 

While the circle doesn’t get any bigger, you can always build more bases to accommodate more structures or items. You’d just need to manage them both and make sure you’re spending an equal amount of time taking care of Pals in each base. 

As mentioned you can’t increase your base’s parameter, but you can increase the base’s storage. Find out exactly how to do it here

Palworld is in early access right now via Steam, Game Pass, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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