Going Home With Gone Home 2

It seems that lately there has been increased focus on certain games regarding sexuality. Games like Mass Effect and The Last of Us have dealt with the subject in a way that handles it with grace and care, despite certain idiots giving the developers slack for it.

For all its faults, the gaming world does seem to be handling the idea of same sex relationships with a lot more grace than most news stations or religious organizations these days and I for one see this as another example of gaming’s ability to evolve. This article, written by Armi Dimaranan and published by Max Level, explores the hit indie game Gone Home and how it uses the theme of a same sex relationship to add a sense of desperation and horror to the game. The danger of the game is not based around killer monsters or zombies, it’s based around human intolerance towards those who are “different”. In the article, Armi looks at the subtexts in this game and how it comments on the worlds attitude towards same sex relationships during the 90’s. It’s a great read and I highly recommend you give it a read right HERE. All credit and massive respect goes to Max Level and the author, Armi Dimaranan.

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