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All genres eventually go the way of the battle royale, even if you don’t expect them to. We’ve seen it with Fallout, and now with the Wild West. Grit, an indie title being developed by Team GRIT, is bringing circles, weapon rarities, and all the other features of the battle royale genre into the world of cowboys. The game is not out yet, but anyone interested will be able to give it a try soon. The Grit open beta will start today and run until April 4.

An announcement on the Steam page for Grit details how you can sign up for its open beta. Simply head over to the game’s Steam store page and hit the “Request Access” button. From there, you’ll be sent a key and can start playing. It is first come first serve though, so if you really want to get into the open beta for Grit, you should act fast.


There are also set times when the beta will be running. Today’s beta for instance will end at 7 PM EST. Tomorrow’s will run for just a couple of hours, from 1 PM ET to 3 PM ET, as will the beta period on Sunday.

What is Grit?

Like I said before, if you’ve played other battle royale titles, you should already know what to expect in Grit. The game is your typical battle royale, but with a Wild West twist. All the weapons are appropriately cowboy-themed. You’ll be knocking other players out with double-barreled shotguns, revolvers, lever-action rifles, and early snipers. However, each weapon comes with its own rarity, kind of like weapons in Fortnite. The higher the rarity on a weapon, the more attachments it has and the more damage it will do.

These rarities come in the form of cards, with 10 being common and ace being the rarest. Each weapon also comes with a card suit, and when you match up suits, you receive bonus perks. This is one of the few unique features in Grit. To learn more about Grit, you can check out the video above or click here to find Team GRIT’s overview of the game.

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