Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Widlands Special Operation 2

Last April, the first Special Operation content update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands surprised fans with the return of a longtime favorite. Sam Fisher, the sneaky sleuth extraordinaire and hero of the Splinter Cell franchise, played a key role in a mission. This time around, Wildlands’ next crossover will be with another Ubisoft game under the Tom Clancy brand — Rainbow Six Siege. Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Special Operation 2 will feature new missions, game modes, classes, and social items which reference Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Caveira Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Rainbow Six Siege crossover with Ghost Recon Wildlands

The new “Operation Revenge” mission will give players a chance to interact with Rainbow Six Siege operator, Caveira. Completing the mission will reward players with Caveira’s emote and her CQC takedown move.

Players who partake in Ghost Recon Wildlands’ PvE content may now toggle AI teammates off to give themselves that lone wolf experience. If it’s a challenge you’re looking for, you can also try out Ghost Mode where permadeath and friendly-fire active, and reloading makes you lose your remaining clip. Changing weapons can only be done via supply crates as well.

Meanwhile, Observer Mode is a new addition which provides players and streamers a tactical view of the action. This allows for more shoutcasting opportunities when calling the action in debuting maps such as Checkpoint and Factory. There are also a plethora of gameplay and balancing tweaks, such as a revamp of the Prestige system. Daily Challenges have also been introduced to offer additional incentives for Ghosts.

Players will also get a chance to try out two new classes — the Surgeon and the Toxic. The former can shoot stim packs at their teammates, allowing for healing and revives, much like Ana in Overwatch. The latter uses a drone that drops deadly sulfur bombs at enemies.

The Special Operation 2 content update for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will be available today, July 24.

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