wildstar raids

You’ll be killing … this thing. I guess.

Carbine’s Wildstar is currently trundling through MMO space in open beta, and it has some news to share about raids. Or RAIIIDS! as the trailer below might have it. I don’t know, it depends how lively you’re feeling.

Anyway, Wildstar’s raids. Since I’m far from being an expert on the subject of MMOs I don’t have much to compare this stuff too, but Carbine sure knows how to use fancy words to make these raids sound interesting. Each PvE raid is build for groups of 20 or 40 and features stupid numbers of obstacles like 12 mini-bosses, 5 bosses and a room that sets on fire and tries to kill you just because it feels like it. Something like that.

Teamwork in your groups sounds like it’s kind of important too. I mean when the floor wants to kill you, you need to have people on hand to draw fire, or heal the wounded, or just get people out of the Kenny Loggins danger zone.

In order to keep things replayable, Carbine is promising “unique events and bosses available at variable times” and there is, of course, the matter of loot to consider. Doing raids in Wildstar will get you “epic armour sets, uniquely powerful runes and elderly gems in record numbers,” so you can be the finest dressed weirdo in the local area. Characters will come from miles to admire your fashion sense and praise your raiding bravery. Probably.

For more details about the strange and dangerous world of raids, have a read of this page. There’s also a trailer to explain it further, although this does contain dangerously high level usage of the word hardcore. So be careful of that.

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