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Blizzard’s Diablo IV launches in a few short months, and the hype is growing. The fourth installment in one of gaming’s greatest action RPG franchises promises to deliver incredible cooperative and multiplayer moments. Of course, the game releases on several platforms, so a lot of people wonder whether they’ll be able to play with their friends regardless of whether they go with PC or console. Read on to find out if Diablo 4 will be cross-platform.

Will Diablo 4 be cross-platform? – Answered

In simplest terms, yes, Diablo IV will be cross-platform. The game releases on the following platforms, and full cross-play will be enabled between them:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC
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Diablo IV releases on June 6. On that date, you’ll be able to fight the Hellish hordes plaguing Sanctuary with your friends, regardless of platform. The developer has spoken of several co-op and multiplayer aspects of the game, including a brand new open world your party can fully explore.

A whole new world of darkness

This open world contains a vast number of main story missions and dungeons, as well as side objectives. Available side objectives include world bosses, world events, side quests, and the new Fields of Hatred activity. The Fields of Hatred are special zones of corruption where you engage in Escape from Tarkov-style PvPvE combat, where you must escape with your loot.

You and your friends can also clear out enemy strongholds throughout the map. When you clear these areas of enemies, some of Sanctuary’s friendly townspeople reclaim them for the heroes. Therefore, your party impacts the state of the game’s world and map.

Moreover, Blizzard’s decision to enable cross-play significantly stretches the game’s lifespan. The previous game, Diablo III, still pulls players 11 years after release. Combined with the post-launch support teased by the studio, cross-play consolidates the player pool. Indeed, a consolidated player pool leads to a game with an even longer lifespan.

You can pre-order Diablo IV on Battle.net. Pre-ordering grants access to the upcoming open beta and the Light Bearer Mount.

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