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Sailing the seven seas for free sounds like a jolly good time for me, and the Epic Games Store will oblige all us gamers with the sea legs to go on an aquatic adventure. The Forbidden Islands are our destination in Windbound, a survival game with plenty of secrets on the islands we’re exploring, and the tickets there will be completely free next week on the Epic Games Store. Tons of sailing experience is not necessarily required, as it’s just a game, but it’ll definitely be appreciated.

Every week, the Epic Games Store gives away a full game for free to anyone who has Epic’s launcher installed, and next week is the nautical adventure Windbound. You’ll have to navigate the perilous seas surrounding the Forbidden Islands, all while adapting to the dangerous paradise surrounding you. You’ll start without any tools or even a boat to sail on. Just survive through the island’s rich natural resources to progress.


Sail the seven seas for free

You’ll play as Kara, a warrior who’s caught in a turbulent storm at sea. Separated from your tribe and away from your boat, you land at the Forbidden Islands. There’s a big history at this special place, though. Explore the entire island, with each area having diverse wildlife and a set of challenges. With crafting, scavenging, and sailing galore, Windbound is a dense survival game with enough content to justify its non-existent price tag.

This week, the Epic Games Store is also giving away the 2.5D side-scroller, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. You can download that game for free until February 10 at 11 AM EST. After that, Windbound will go free for a week. Be sure to look out for Windbound when it’s price drops to zero, and be sure to download Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair if you haven’t already.

Windbound Epic Games Store

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