Windows 10’s upcoming ‘Game Mode’ supports Win32 and UWP

Windows 10’s upcoming ‘Game Mode’ supports Win32 and UWP

When details began surfacing of a Windows 10 ‘Game Mode’, there were worries that it would be restricted to Windows Store (UWP) games only. That appears not to be the case, with Microsoft’s Larry Hryb stating that both Win32 and Universal Windows Platform games will be supported.

A tiny bit more information about the upcoming Game Mode for Windows 10 is available in the piece linked by Hryb’s tweet. The stated “vision” for Game Mode is to “optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming”. How exactly it will do that, and what Game Mode is will apparently be explained at a later date.

Presumably though, it’ll make sure non-essential Windows 10 processes are halted (or reduced) while you’re playing games, theoretically giving boosts to performance. The so-called ‘Creators Update’ (of which Game Mode is a part) is due in April, so that’s when everybody will get to use it. Prior to that, Windows ‘Insiders’ will start to see “some of the visual elements for Game Mode” as early as next week.

The same article also confirms that Microsoft’s Beam streaming system will be part of the Creators Update. This apparently means “viewers anywhere will be able to watch your streams and interact with your broadcast”. On Windows 10, you’ll activate a Beam broadcast through the Game Bar (which does mean you’ll need to actually use the Game Bar on Windows 10).

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    • Martín Síndrome Camargo

      Too bad my Windows 10 has been consistently failing to install those fucking cumulative updates for over a year now, with the latest failure having taken place yesterday. Always with a generic, completely unhelpful error message so I don’t even know what the fuck is going on. I can’t even buy games at the Win10 store, I doubt I’ll be able to ever try that thing. GG MS.

      • David Warschauer

        honestly that all sounds like a personal problem. i haven’t had a problem updating windows 10. try doing chkdsk/sfcscannow/dism

        • Martín Síndrome Camargo

          Every time an update dropped and I was forced into the same routine I would go research possible solutions, and those investigations revealed that it does happen quite often, mind you.

          For about a year I couldn’t find a fix, and I tried a gazillion different things every time . BUT! last night I came across Media Creation Tool, which really doesn’t say much with that name, but it basically reinstalled Windows 10 without altering programs installed, configurations or personal files. Through magic, I guess. And NOW I finally can download those damned updates. So yay.

          Just in case anyone needs it, this is the link: