Wipeout 2048 HD/Fury DLC Impressions

by Joshua Williams

Wipeout 2048 was a solid launch title for the Vita. Without a doubt it is the best racer on the platform unless the Motorstorm faithful have something to say. Before release it was made known to the gaming public that DLC would make Wipeout 2048 Cross Play compatible with Wipeout on PS3. Well after a few months that promise is made true.

Available now on PSN (Wipeout 2048 online pass required) are two individual packs ($7.99 ea) or one bundle for $12.99 to unlock the Wipeout HD and Fury campaigns. The Wipeout HD pack features the full PS3 single-player game, 12 tracks (+8 in reverse), 12 ships and a Zone ship. The HD Fury pack adds another single-player campaign, 12 tracks (+4 in reverse), 24 ships, an additional Zone ship and 4 Zone tracks.

Wipeout Vita

To the delight of those that already own this content, it is free if you have it on PS3 and vice-versa. After installing this new content there were two things I immediately had to see. The first: Do all of my medals from PS3 now appear on the Vita version? No! Unless there is some sync feature I’m yet to uncover, everything starts from scratch and all races appear to be unlocked. The second thing I had to try was a few Cross Play races. From what I’ve seen, everything was pretty smooth. The courses will be familiar to Wipeout vets and the competition is just as merciless.

Everything from the PS3 translates effectively and the touch navigation makes the experience feel brand new. As of June 19th, several retailers are offering Wipeout 2048 for around $19.99. This is the perfect time to grab a discount Vita title and breathe new life into the PS3 Wipeout circuit.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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