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The latest update for the troubled PC version of Team Ninja’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty just dropped this morning. This update, dubbed ver. 1.03, addresses an issue that numerous PC players have shared grievances about ever since the game’s release. Specifically, it adjusts the mouse camera controls so that Wo Long players can use them much more reliably than they could before. Considering the sheer number of players that reported this issue just in the Steam user reviews alone, this undoubtedly comes as a much-needed change. Although this arguably constitutes the update’s most significant change, it includes plenty of more fixes where that came from.

It’s not just mouse controls, of course. Another noteworthy change “[makes] it possible for guest players in Recruit (online multiplayer) sessions to skip cutscenes and leave the session after boss battles.” On top of that, the update patches out a number of crashes and white flickers that players could run into in specific locations. Additionally, the update fixes a glitch that prevents players from choosing certain resolutions at various points. Another fix addresses an issue in which the game would run itself using a different graphics card than usual.

Wo Long mouse controls get an update, along with other fixes

One of the other problems addressed in the patch would lead to a crash whenever the player chose a specific resolution and left the Photograph mode after using a certain filter. Another patched-out crash would occur if players used either ‘Falling Leaves’ or ‘Scattered Leaves’ while wielding redecorated dual halberds. The update also removes two bugs that would result if players had transferred save data from the game’s demo.

Players can have a look at the rest of the changes and fixes made by this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update on the official patch notes. Although this marks a step in the right direction, Team Ninja will likely need to implement several more updates before the PC version reaches a satisfactory state.

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