Wolfenstein: The New Order gets release date – Beta for next Doom with pre-orders

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Bethesda has announced the release date for MachineGames’ Wolfenstein: The New Order. The reimagined FPS with it’s robotic Nazis will be arriving on 25 May.

To entice you to pre-order the game, access to the beta of the next Doom game has been offered as an incentive. The game will come with a key code with redemption instructions printed on a beta insert. Once the code is added, and as the Doom beta date draws closer, Bethesda will contact anyone who has registered a key to confirm what platform they want to play the Doom beta on.

There are no other details on when the Doom beta will start, they just state  it will happen at a “yet-to-be announced date”. They also manage to body-swerve answering whether there will be an open beta.

If you fancy seeing what happened when the Nazi’s won WWII then this will be the game for you.

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