World of Warcraft Classic servers announced

World of Warcraft Classic servers announced

After years of battling with World of Warcraft unofficial servers, meeting with Nostralius to discuss the possibility of vanilla servers, Blizzard has finally come up with the goods.

At BlizzCon today, Blizzard announced they are currently developing what they are calling World of Warcraft Classic. A classic server choice bringing back the classic WoW experience to players. According to Blizzard, it will take time to get these launched but it will happen.

Blizzard says they are “are committed to making a Blizzard-quality classic experience”. This is great news for players looking for that vanilla experience, and if they get it right, it will put pay to many of the unofficial services currently running.

Despite Nostalrius not coming to any kind of agreement with Blizzard last year, their visit will have highlighted the desire for vanilla servers within the community. The case for these servers will have also been boosted by Mark Kern’s visit to see Mike Morhaime.  So even though it’s taken time, the petition and work within the WoW vanilla server community will have made a difference.

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