The upcoming Word of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, will not only be bringing stupid looking characters like the one above. It will alter the character talent tree system that has been doing the rounds for seven years.
Blizzard are hoping that the changes will prevent players opting for the exact same, statisically ‘perfect’ characters and instead define their own path through the new system. 
The Mist of Panadaria Talent Calculator shows how this will work. Each class will come with three specialisations, with specific spells available to each one. Every spec in your chosen class comes with unique talents that are unlockable every 15 levels. Starting at level 15 you’ll pick one talent from the available three.
For example, a level 15 warrior will be able to select either Juggernaut, Double Time or Warbinger. All of them level up your Charge ability in one way or another. Get to level 90 and you get either Bladestorm, Shockwave or Avatar. Shockwave deals 456 damage, stuns for four seconds and targets within 10 yards.
Also, every 15 levels you will be able to completely re-assign your talent points without being punished.
As well as talents, characters will select a specialisation at level 10. Specialisations offer new skills every 10 level or so in addition to talent skills. 
Basically, anything that makes it easier/possible to alter your character down the long, long, long WOW road is okay by me.
Check out the Talent Calculator for yourself here.

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