Is patch 10.2 the last update to the Dragonflight expansion? Answered

World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Reveal Beta

Dragonflight, World of Warcraft’s most recent expansion, has certainly been around for a while now. And while players aren’t necessarily getting bored of the game, there are many who are wondering how soon Blizzard will roll out the next expansion.

During the recent BlizzCon event, World of Warcraft players got a real treat through multiple different reveals, including the official announcement for The War Within, which is the next expansion coming to the game. In this guide we will cover whether patch 10.2, an update coming just after BlizzCon and bringing fine-tuning and content to Dragonflight will be the final release before the next expansion or not.

Will there be more updates after Dragonflight patch 10.2?

World Of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Reveal Beta 2
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We know already that The War Within is going to be launching sometime in 2024, but the question everyone is wondering is when exactly the newest expansion will be coming into the game. Dragonflight, the current most recent expansion in the game, released on the 28th of November in 2022, and Blizzard has a history of releasing its World of Warcraft expansions every 2 years or so. Therefore, we can estimate that the latest we’ll see The War Within is next winter.

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However, that doesn’t answer the question of how much more content Dragonflight can expect in the coming months. It’s our estimate that yes, patch 10.2 is the final major update of Dragonflight, but it won’t be the last patch for the expansion overall. Telltale signs like the flight achievement, permanent augment rune and AotC mount drop all point to that same estimate. In the past, all AotC mounts were for the last raid tier in every expansion, which means that this is most likely the case here.

The raid in patch 10.2 is expected to be the last one in Dragonflight for these drop reasons and more, which means that we probably won’t see any major content releases for World of Warcraft until the next expansion comes out. However, players can still expect Blizzard to release smaller patches between now and The War Within, since waiting several months without any new content can harm a playerbase. Regardless, make sure you go attempt the new Amirdrassil raid, and good luck out there!

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