September 5th, 2017

World of Warships Beta Key Giveaway – Aircraft Carriers Now Added

World of Warships Beta Key Giveaway – Aircraft Carriers Now Added

Take to the high seas and get testing Wargaming’s new title now.

We’ve teamed up with Wargaming to giveaway a stack of beta keys for the beta test of World of Warships, the next game in their free to play “World of” series. These keys are for the second weekendof beta testing for its upcoming naval online combat game which runs between 23 January until 25 January.

This test comes with the introduction of the aircraft carrier class and the beta now contains four classes of warships which also include destroyers, cruisers and battleships. The new aircraft carriers deliver RTS style combat with the ability to launch three types of warplane squadrons (fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers).

The beta contains ten tiers and testers will be able to unlock a few of America’s and Japan’s iconic military vessels: the USA has the Pensacola cruiser and Fletcher destroyer; Japan has the Nagato and Yamato battleships and the Shimakaze destroyer.

Finally, players can now team up in Divisions where you and two others can test yourselves against other commanders.

To grab a key, make sure you are logged in with a full IncGamers login or sign-up if you haven’t got a full account.

Once you’ve acquired your key by clicking the button below, head to this page to take part.

All Keys have now gone! If we an get some more today we’ll activate this again.

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  • Paul Younger

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    • Bul6bash


    • Valentin Staicu

      i cant create an account bcz seems all the catcha codes not working…. help pls

      • Paul Younger

        This is a weird error but I think I may have found it so give it a try now.

    • WarLord1188

      i push this button several times and got no key -.-

      • Paul Younger

        Warlord, the keys have JUST run out literally which is why that happens. Will see if we can get some more.

    • Valentin Staicu

      Guys try to join with a social account like facebook or others.. i did with facebook and it worked….

      • Paul Younger

        This issue should now be fixed. We’re still not quite sure why it was bombing out.

    • Joshua Russell


    • Baihua Chen

      I want a key to join test now, hope that is not too late, please