Wreckfest receives free update with new cars and tracks

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Wreckfest has successfully launched on consoles today. Why is that good news? Well, it’s because the developer has released a huge, free content pack for the game on PC in celebration. Hurrah! The update will include multiple new cars and tracks, as well as career events and other improvements.

What better way to celebrate someone else’s happiness than wrecking a limousine? Of course, if that’s too fancy for you, the update also includes a motorhome to destroy. If that’s also too extravagant for your tastes, you’ll be able to take down opponents in Wreckfest while driving your very own couch car (perfect!). The update includes improvements to the game as well, from new paint jobs to better performance.

Here is the entire update courtesy of publisher THQ Nordic:

Four new tracks and one new derby arena:

  • Clayridge Circuit
  • Deathloop
  • Northfolk Ring (with 2 routes)
  • Dirt Devil (Speedway)
  • Dirt Devil (Derby Arena)

Five new vehicles:

  • Venom (Career reward vehicle)
  • Stretch Limousine
  • Couch car
  • Motorhome
  • Semi Truck

New Career events:

  • Several new career events and challenges for all new tracks and vehicles
  • Check each Championship for new events – for example the first championship (Regional Juniors) now has the couch Car challenge to unlock this vehicle

Game improvements:

  • New paint jobs for most vehicles
  • Matchmaking now features quick match for event types
  • Server browser UI improved
  • Server lobby UI overhauled
  • Garage usability improved for car and upgrade selections
  • New daytimes for many tracks
  • Career menu visually improved
  • Multiplayer: Bots now get auto-kicked also during races, if a human player takes their slot
  • New loading screens for every map

Performance improvements:

  • Overall game performance increased especially for older PCs
  • Multiplayer better optimized for poor connections and PCs
  • Drastically reduced loading times for all maps
  • Server side: hardware and bandwidth demands reduced


  • Various smaller bugfixes

Wreckfest update

Get wrecked

Wreckfest is the car racing, car smashing game by Bugbear Entertainment. It released onto PC on June 14 last year, and has garnered some positive reviews. Our own Paul Younger liked the game, saying the “cars feel great to drive, the way they take corners, the handbreak turns, the way they handle jumps, it feels fluid and that’s a huge plus.

When put together with everything else in the game Wreckfest is a neat destructive racing package. It’s a little pricey but there’s not much else like it around at the moment which makes it a must-have if you love destruction coupled with racing.”

Check out Wreckfest on Steam.

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