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Wuthering Waves A Free Meal? 1 quest guide: All puzzle solutions

Get the forks ready.

Those TD enemies cannot let us complete side quests in peace in Wuthering Waves, so let’s fight back. Here is how to solve all puzzles and complete the A Free Meal? 1 quest in Wuthering Waves.

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How to complete A Free Meal? 1 quest in Wuthering Waves

The A Free Meal? 1 quest is located at the Distribution Center just south of Tiger’s Maw Mile, south of the Lampylumen Myriad boss fight location too. This quest will have you meet a Jovial Patroller who wants to recruit new patrollers so that you can fight TDs in exchange for some rewards: free meals, basically. Before, though, he will have you repair three different Sound Emulators that will inevitably summon other TD enemies for you to defeat. Each of them is tied to a specific puzzle, so let’s take a look at them.

  • Wuthering Waves A Free Meal 1 Location
  • Wuthering Waves Jovial Patroller Minghu

Puzzle 1: Signals Console Decryption

The very first Sound Emulator is just next to Minghu and, after interacting with it, you will start a Signals Console Decryption puzzle. If you have seen these before in Wuthering Waves — or any other puzzle game — you will know that the goal is to connect various similarly-colored slots without blocking the others. You can find the solution to the puzzle below.

  • Wuthering Waves Activate Hub
  • Wuthering Waves Signals Console Decryption

Once you finish completing the puzzle, a total of four different TDs will appear and will attempt to destroy the Sound Emulator. Do what you do best and defeat them using your Resonator team before they do so.

Step 2: Induction Cells

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 1 Fight
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The next step is not a puzzle at all since it will only require you to connect two Induction Cells to their hubs to activate the second Sound Emulator. Contrary to other similar instances, these Induction Cells are right next to each of the hubs, so just use your Levitator and send them flying toward them.

Wuthering Waves Induction Cells
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Just like the puzzle before, four more TDs will appear, so send them back to where they came from and prevent your Sound Emulator from being destroyed.

Puzzle 2: Magnetic Cube Puzzle

Wuthering Waves Puzzle 2 Fight
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Finally, the second and final puzzle is a Magnetic Cube puzzle that appears throughout the open world. There are three different cubes to align. This is not particularly hard, but what makes this puzzle confusing is the alignment of the different cube puzzles which totally messes up with my desperate desire for order, but as long as you position yourself, you will see the path toward the blue cube platform. The first one is the easiest of the bunch, just hit it to the north and then west and you’ll be done,

Wuthering Waves Magnetic Cube Puzzle Cube 1
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The second one on the back of the puzzle is a bit more confusing, but again, using perspective is the key. Move the cube around the bridge that stands on top and you will be able to direct it to the goal.

Wuthering Waves Magnetic Cube Puzzle Cube 2
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Finally, the last cube puzzle has only one direction you can move your cube to, so just follow it and you will complete it.

Wuthering Waves Magnetic Cube Puzzle Cube 3
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Battle it out with the remaining TDs and you will complete the last Sound Emulator test. Get back to Minghu and you will complete the quest.

  • Wuthering Waves Puzzle 3 Fight
  • Wuthering Waves A Free Meal Ending

In case you are wondering, yes, there is a second part to this mission. However, similarly to Xiaoyu‘s message, you will have to wait for a bit before you receive it. Just wait for some in-game days, not real-time hours. Hopefully, you will receive that free meal once this is all over! Although I can’t think of the last time I ate anything in Wuthering Waves. Huh.

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