Wuthering Waves A True Arena Champion Quest Guide
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Wuthering Waves A True Arena Champion quest guide

A test of strength.

If you’re trying to 100% your trophies in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to check out this quest guide to “A True Arena Champion.” Finding and completing this quest earns you the “A Desperate Gamble” trophy.

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“A True Arena Champion” quest guide in Wuthering Waves

Many players know the A Desperate Gamble trophy to have a description telling you to complete “The Hidden Truth”, but this was written incorrectly and now the description accurately tells you to complete A True Arena Champion. You’ll be able to discover this quest by heading to the small island right above Remnant Residence, which is just south of Wuming Bay.

Wuthering Waves A True Arena Champion Quest Guide Map
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Head here, and you’ll meet an Exile struggling against some Tacet Discords. Save the Exile and speak to him to unlock A True Arena Champion. After unlocking it the quest marker will guide you toward the Exile camp where Zeyuan is, the Exile you just saved.

First trial

There are three trials you must first pass to enter the main competition. Your first trial consists of you climbing up a tall tower to grab a Sniper Rifle. The game will guide you along with quest markers to show the best way up, but it’ll take some parkouring skills of your own to make the leaps successfully.

Trial One
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I recommend knowing how to do the super jump since it helped me jump up and over to the next stairwells in this trial. After making it to the top and grabbing the weapon (don’t miss the supply chest on the roof), speak to the Receptionist to earn your first badge.

Second trial

For your second trial, you have to pass a relatively easy shooting test. This will require you to pull out any team consisting of a Resonator who wields pistol weapons. I chose Aalto for this one, so when it began I held down the attack button to aim the gun precisely.

Trial Two
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It can also help if you press “G” to stay in aim mode, but for this trial specifically, it was better to hold down the aim button since you have to move from one target to the next. You’ll get plenty of time so don’t try to rush it. This will earn you your second badge.

Third trial

Trial Three
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After waiting until 17:00 the next day for the next trainer to appear, you can begin the third trial which puts you in a small fighting arena. This one is the easiest of all three trials since you’re facing off against a pretty easy TD.

After defeating this TD in battle, you get the third and final badge which will allow you to compete in the arena.

How to defeat the arena champion

Finally, you can defeat the arena champion once and for all. Head to the Seaside Arena, and you’ll face off against three different waves of easy enemies before actually getting to the arena champion.

Once you get to the arena champion, things get a little tougher. You’ll first fight against the champion and his two TDs, which are two Chasm Guardians. I realized after aiming to get rid of the champion first that defeating him stops the fight even if the two TDs are still alive.

Wuthering Waves A True Arena Champion Quest Guide Final Test
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During the next phase of the fight, the champion will bring out some Prism Echoes. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to damage the champion until all the Prism Echoes are defeated, so get rid of them first before fighting the champion.

You should also take note of the fact that Prism Echoes are immune to the attributes they’re correlated with. So if there’s an Electro Prism Echo you can’t fight it with Electro DMG.

Wuthering Waves A True Arena Champion Quest Guide Prize
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After defeating the champion and his TDs, you’ll be able to say goodbye to everyone while taking your prize in the end which is inside the glowing chest behind the champion. You’ll also earn the trophy A Desperate Gamble so you can get closer to earning the Huanglong I Sigil.

There are many other tough trophies to come by in Wuthering Waves, one of them being the trophy Here Comes the Bear.

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