Wuthering Waves Solitary Path
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Wuthering Waves Solitary Path quest guide: Passcode and doll puzzles solutions

Yinlin's character quest.

Yinlin’s new character quest Solitary Path in Wuthering Waves contains a few easy and intricate puzzles to sort through, so this quest guide will take you through all the tough points step-by-step.

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Solitary Path quest passcode solution in Wuthering Waves

After meeting Yinlin during the introduction of the Solitary Path quest, you eventually go on the run from Patrollers and must hide out somewhere. You’re then guided to an area hidden behind a locked door with a passcode, forcing you to figure out the four-number combination. The solution to the passcode problem in the Solitary Path quest is 4-1-2-3, but how did I figure it out?

Yinlin Flowers
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Without any help from Yinlin, you can examine the area around you to find four groups of purple plants. Each grouping has one to four purple flowers within them, and they’re placed in an order of sorts in the area around you. If you count the number of plants in each group, the numbers will add up to 4-1-2-3.

Wuthering Waves Solitary Path Passcode
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Before figuring this out, I talked to Yinlin to see if she could give me any hints. Unfortunately, she gave me more than just a hint and outright told me what the passcode was. Although I wanted to figure it out for myself, I now knew the solution and I put it into the door code. It was a success, and I went on to the next area of the quest.

How to solve the doll puzzles in Solitary Path

After you and Yinlin get into the safe house, she ends up betraying you and taking you hostage. Now the two of you are meeting the Dollmaker while heading through the factory, trying to pretend that she’s not actually on your side. This section of the Solitary Path quest includes some interesting puzzles involving manipulating the remote-controlled doll device. Here’s how to solve these puzzles.

Puzzle 1

Wuthering Waves Solitary Path Puzzle 1
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Although the first puzzle is the easiest, the tutorial doesn’t explain it well, so I was a bit confused about how it worked. First, interact with the machine shaped like an eyeball to manipulate the doll. This will put you in control of the doll that Yinlin uses during combat, so have it stand on the red button platform in the center of the room.

Once the doll stands on it, the red lasers blocking the exit will disappear. Now you can press the “E” key to stop controlling the doll, and as Yinlin you can exit the room.

Puzzle 2

Wuthering Waves Solitary Path Puzzle 2
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The next doll puzzle gets a little more intricate. Use your Levitator Utility to lift the block and place it onto one of the two red buttons. Next, have Yinlin stand on the other red button, which will make the red lasers disappear.

Stay on the red button while using the Levitator to lift the box from the inside of the once-locked room. Once you take the block, place it on the button Yinlin was previously standing on. You can now freely enter the room yourself to open a supply chest and activate the doll machine.

Doll Puzzle 2
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Once in control of your doll, have them walk under the large red lasers blocking the main path. You can step under the first few, but the final set is too low for you to walk under. Instead, walk up the stairs to your right and stand on the red button.

You can now press “E” to get in control of Yinlin and make it through the main path and past where your doll is.

Puzzle 3

Wuthering Waves Solitary Path Puzzle 3
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The final puzzle is a little easier to comprehend than the previous one, but it may look daunting. Have Yinlin activate the doll machine in front of her, then as the doll walks under the first set of lasers. Stand on the red button, then get into control of Yinlin to walk through to the next doll manipulation machine.

Doll Puzzle 3
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Once you get control of the doll again, walk to where Yinlin is standing and stand on the red button just behind her. Now when you get control of Yinlin again you can make it past the final red lasers which disappeared and onto the final parts of the quest.

How to beat the Mech Abomination in Wuthering Waves Solitary Path

After getting through a few waves of Overlocked enemies, you’ll face off against a large robot called Mech Abomination. This is the same boss you meet during the Rewinding Raindrops main quest, so you may already be familiar with this robot’s attack pattern. To beat the Mech Abomination in Wuthering Waves you should refrain from using an Electro character and dodge any of its lightning strike attacks.

Mech Abomination Yinlin
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There aren’t many tricks you can utilize during this fight besides not using an Electro DMG character. Mech Abomination is resistant to Electro DMG, so other than Yinlin, your trial character, try not to have a party with an Electro character. Otherwise, Yinlin can still do serious damage depending on your party’s Outro skills that could buff her.

I went in with Spectro Rover, Jiyan, and Verina as my main party. Verina was the healer for when the Mech Abomination threw down serious Electro DMG, but she could also grant Yinlin +15% All-Type Damage Deepen for 30 seconds as her Outro skill.

Keep an eye on when the Mech Abomination is about to pound its arms down on the ground in your direction, as they’re easy to dodge if you time it right. What’s tougher are the lightning strikes that pour out of it during one of its attacks, but even if you run out of the way of the strike you should be fine. Dodging is safest, so keep dodging until the attack is over so you can get back to dealing damage.

After taking down the Mech Abomination the final battle of the quest will be over, and Solitary Path will wrap up with you finding out why Yinlin was undercover. Now that you’ve spent some time with Yinlin, you may want to pull for her in a Convene and figure out her ascension materials.

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