Wuthering Waves Best Metaphors In Depths Of Illusive Realm
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Wuthering Waves: Best Metaphors in Depths of Illusive Realm

Make every upgrade count.

When playing through the Depths of Illusive Realm event in Wuthering Waves, what would be the best Metaphors to unlock? We’ll answer this question below and explain which upgrades are best for your runs.

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Best Metaphors in Depths of Illusive Realm event (WuWa)

Metaphors in this event are simply upgrades that you can unlock. This is a roguelike event that allows you to unlock Metaphors before and after certain rooms. So which ones are the best to choose? Here’s a list of the best Metaphors in the Depths of Illusive Realm event for Wuthering Waves, categorized by the Attribute type.

Wuthering Waves Best Metaphors In Depths Of Illusive Realm Upgrades
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Best Electro Metaphors

  • Crystal of Contradiction
  • Brilliant Tacetite Bloom
  • Elastic Spring
  • Relief Spring

Crystal of Contradiction grants three Electro and reduces your Resonance Liberation Cooldown by 50%, while the required Resonance Energy is reduced by 50%. This will allow you to cast your ultimate ability much sooner.

Brilliant Tacetite Bloom is another three Electro Metaphor that increases your Resonance Liberation DMG by a whopping 60%. Elastic Spring is similar, granting you a 72% Resonance Skill DMG buff instead. These two are good if you want to deal the most damage during your runs.

Then we have Relief Spring which grants two Electro, and for every one Resonance Energy, your CRIT DMG increases by 0.4%. This can wrack up pretty easily to give you a nice boost in CRIT DMG.

Best Glacio Metaphors

  • Heart of Glacio
  • Tacet Field Survival Guide
  • Resounding Bell
  • Captain’s Dog Tag

Heart of Glacio is a three Glacio Metaphor that makes all Basic Attacks trigger the “Shatter Effect” while your HP is at 100%. This deals DMG equal to 40% of ATK to the enemy. Tacet Field Survival Guide is another three Glacio Metaphor that restores 1% of your max HP every two seconds for 10 seconds after you’re attacked. It’s a good way to heal yourself during these fights since it’s hard to come by healing in this event.

Then we have Resounding Bell which gives you three Glacio. When you have a shield, every attack you take triggers “Frost Bell Effect” which deals DMG equal to 500% of ATK to the target within a certain range. Although it’s only triggered every 10 seconds, this is a ton of DMG given towards the target.

Finally, to get a shield you’ll need Captain’s Dog Tag. This Metaphor gives two Glacio and grants you a shield equal to 15% of your max HP for eight seconds when attacked. It’s only triggered every 10 seconds but it’s a quick way to gain a shield to activate Resounding Bell.

Best Aero Metaphors

  • Super Mutated Structure
  • Guardian’s Promise
  • Timeworn Comb
  • Comb

Super Mutated Structure gives three Aero and reduces enemy DEF by 60% for eight seconds after your Echo Skill hits them. This gives you plenty of time to deal an extra amount of damage to a vulnerable enemy.

Guardian’s Promise grants two Aero and increases your Energy Regen by 26%, which is more helpful than you may realize. Then there’s Timeworn Comb for three Aero that increases your CRIT DMG by 80% for 15 seconds after casting your Echo Skill.

The last best Aero Metaphor to get is Comb. This Metaphor gives two Aero and increases your Resonance Skill DMG by 48% for 12 seconds after casting an Echo skill. Comb with Timeworn Comb are great buffs for your Echo Skill when combined.

Best Fusion Metaphors

  • Nameplate of a Nameless One
  • Broken Aromatherapy
  • Scorching Sun in the Forest
  • Tracking Goggles

Finally, we have Fusion Metaphors such as Nameplate of a Nameless One giving you three Fusion. This Metaphor increases your Basic Attack DMG by 72%, which is pretty huge when you think about how often you deal Basic Attacks.

Broken Aromatherapy grants you three Fusion and increases your ATK by 50% for 10 seconds after casting your Resonance Skill. This combined with the previous Metaphor makes for a deadly combo.

Scorching Sun in the Forest gives two Fusion and causes “Meteor Fire” to summon after attacking a target 20 times. This attack will deal DMG equal to 800% of ATK to the targets within range, dishing out a nasty AoE attack.

Finally, Tracking Goggles gives you three Fusion and simply increases your CRIT DMG by 60%. As you can tell, the Fusion Metaphors focus mostly on dealing a heavy amount of DMG during your runs.

Other than the Depths of Illusive Realm event in Wuthering Waves, you may also be inclined to complete the Overdash Club event as well.

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